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Vehicle Rodent Repeller

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Protect all vehicles from the expensive damage that can be caused by rodents.

The rat and mouse car repeller is hard wired and powered by your vehicle’s battery.

Easy to install.

Vehicle Rodent Repeller

The Pestrol Vehicle Rodent Repeller gives out two kinds of ultrasonic waves which irritate the nervous and audio system of the rodents, making them uncomfortable and unpleasant, which will drive them away.  The frequency of the Rat Vehicle Repeller ultrasonic waves are always changing, which doesn’t allow the rodents to have immunity or adaptability.

The unit is activated when the vehicle is turned off and shuts down when the vehicle is turned on.

Usage and Coverage:

This Vehicle Rodent Repeller can be used in the vehicle cabins for preventing rodents from damaging the car, however, the product would have to be installed in the cabin.


  • Never put his Rat Vehicle Repeller in the wet or where water can reach
  • The power lines must always be away from the heat or hot parts within the car.
  • The item has very low power consumption.  The ultrasonic sound is hardly heard by the human ear as ultrasonic sound does not travel through solid objects.
  • It protects cables, wire, rubber, firewall, plastic and other components in your cars engine bay.
  • Ideal for cars, trucks, tractors, boats, campervans, harvesters, diggers & more.
  • Consider using our all-natural Vermin Free product that is also a great add on to spray around other areas in the car where rodents may be able to get into.


  • Size: 11 x 8 x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 332g


How to Install:

1.The device has 2 cables, a red cable and a black cable.

2. Connect the black cable first to the negative battery connection or to the car’s chassis (ground wire).

3. Connect the red cable to the batteries positive terminal.

4. Switch on the unit.

5. The first time you switch it on you will hear a beep. The is a test signal meaning the unit is operating correctly and receiving correct power.

6. The red LED will be lit which indicates the unit working correctly.

6. When the temperature inside the motor reaches 45°C, the red LED will turn off which indicates the device turning off.

4 reviews for Vehicle Rodent Repeller

  1. Laurence Rucker

    NO IDEA if this has worked as after vehicles wiring was eaten by rat I moved it to area where I also have one of your electronic units (and baits set) Prior to purchase of this placed baits in area which were eaten SO believe they have dies as new baits not touched … using a mixture of items to keep away and this unit placed in car under bonnet as well. Since taken ALL these measures no damage… AND NO RATS… Insurance company does not cover animal biting damage and brand new $50,000 vehicle and new wiring harness and motor cover and labor cost nearly $6,000 worth the cost to have some protection .. other units from the US are in the 100’s of dollars…

  2. Janet

    Haven’t seen any sign of rats yet!

  3. Janelle Smith

    Seems to be working – no problems since installing

  4. Anonymous

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