Explore our collection of power cords and adapters at Pestrol specifically curated to keep your devices powered and operational. From versatile power cords to multipurpose adapters, we have a wide array of options to complement and enhance the functionality of your various devices.

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Dominator Power Pack

2 reviews $24.90

Exterminator Power Pack


Sleep Easy & Mozzie Assassin Adapter


Sleep Easy & Mozzie Assassin Cord


Extension Cord Dominator Mosquito Trap – 10 Metres

2 reviews $19.90

Cigarette Power Adaptor – Terminator

3 reviews $19.90

Terminator Mosquito Trap Extension Cord – 10 Metres

2 reviews $20.00

Terminator Mosquito Trap Transformer


My Flea Trap Power Adaptor

12 reviews $12.90

Possum Away 10m Lead

11 reviews $18.90
Our power cords and adapters are designed to be compatible with a broad spectrum of our main product line, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're replacing a lost or damaged cord, seeking an adapter for a new device, or simply ensuring you have a spare, our selection caters to all your power supply requirements.

Highly durable and meticulously tested, our power cords and adapters deliver reliable performance, while their ease of use ensures a seamless user experience. Each product in this category is intended to keep your devices running smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Shop with us for superior quality, reliable performance, and the assurance that your devices stay powered up when you need them most. Our power cords and adapters are more than just accessories - they're the lifeline of your devices, keeping your home or business running smoothly.