Deworming Solutions for Livestock and Pets

Effectively safeguard the health of your herds and pets with our comprehensive deworming products.

Cattle Dewormers: Vital Parasite Control for Your Herd

Cattle farmers and ranchers understand the importance of maintaining their herds’ health and productivity. Internal parasites can lead to weight loss, reduced milk production, and reproductive issues. Our cattle dewormers are specifically designed to combat a range of internal parasites, including stomach worms, lungworms, and liver flukes. Choose from oral drenches, injectables, and topical treatments for convenient and effective parasite control.

Pet Dewormers: Essential Parasite Control for Your Pets

As pet owners, we prioritize our pets’ well-being, and internal parasites can pose a significant threat. Digestive problems, weight loss, and more severe conditions can result from worm infestations. Our pet dewormers, available in various forms like tablets, chewables, and topical treatments, are designed to combat a wide range of parasites in dogs and cats. From roundworms to tapeworms and hookworms, our products ensure your pets remain healthy and happy.

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Goat and Sheep Wormer
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Goat and Sheep Wormer Virbac Oralject 30ml

Deworming Paste for Horses
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Horse Deworming Paste Virbac Equimax 37.8G