Sharks happen to be one of the oldest sea creatures in the world and are more than capable of arousing fear like no other. Hollywood movies tend to depict sharks as being dangerously evil carnivores that seek to eat humans at all costs!…However, they are far more interesting to learn about and are usually very misunderstood.

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With the majority of the population living near the coastline, Australians have always loved the water, and for the most part, it’s relatively safe. There are well-known dangers for swimmers and surfers though, and sharks are right up there at the top of that list. There are not many things that will instill more fear in people than the gruesome thought of a shark attack.   Some Quick Facts About Sharks
  • Out of about 400 species of sharks swimming the oceans globally, 170 species patrol Australian waters
  • Much of Australia’s coastline is a preferred hunting ground for the great white shark
  • While humans are not a shark’s natural prey, they can often confuse a human with a seal or other animal or fish in distress
  • Many shark species are naturally aggressive predators and are always hunting
  • Sharks are attracted to blood or urine in the water and have a keen sense of smell
  • Sharks have sensory detectors on their snouts and running along their sides. These sensors can sense vibrations in the water, sometimes up to several kilometers away
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