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    Pestrol Possum RepellerPestrol Possum Repeller

    Pestrol Possum Away – Possum Repeller

    (36) $199.00 $149.90
    Effective Possum Repeller

    The Pestrol Possum Away repels pests by using ultrasonic sounds generated from the units as well as utilising a strobe light. A further optional audible setting is available if required.

    We provide:

    • A 30-day money back guarantee and 1 Year Warranty
    • A free customer support hotline for queries and assistance.
    • Same day dispatch for quick delivery.

    This an exceptional possum deterrent.

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    Anti Cat Mat

    Anti Cat Mat – Cat Removal Mat – Humane

    (16) $34.90 $29.90

    Anti Cat and Dog Mats

    Deter your friendly cats and dogs from digging up your property or scratching your furniture.


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    Indoor Insect Trapmosquito control experts Australia

    Magna Indoor Insect Trap – Black

    $129.90 $114.90

    Features: Comes in Black

    • Suited to larger rooms like the kitchen or dining areas
    • Stronger internal LED globe & fan unit
    • Non-toxic & harmless, chemical-free technology
    • Timer functions
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  • Mosquito Killer

    Terminator Mosquito Killer and Trap

    (26) $169.90

    An effective way to eliminate insects outdoor.

    Weatherproof and durable.

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    Fence Spikes to repel unwanted animals

    Fence Spikes – Cat and Possum Humane Repelling Spikes. 50cm piece.

    (13) from: $4.40

    Pestrol Fence and Wall spikes are a great way to keep your pets in and other pests out.

    • Strong Polypropylene
    • Designed for only discomfort and not injury.
    • UV Treated and Weather resistant
    • Flexible strips that can be cut for any purpose.


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    indoor mosquito trapmosquito control

    Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap

    (54) $115.00 $99.90

    Indoor Mosquito Trap with Intelligent Light Control to give you a good night’s sleep.

    • NO Chemical and NO Pesticides
    • SAFE around family, children, and pets
    • Bionic Mosquito-trapping
    • Sundown Sensor
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    possum trappossum traps australia

    Possum Trap

    (40) $69.90 $59.90

    Get rid of possums humanely with the Possum Trap

    66cm x 24cm x 26cm

    The possum trap offers an effective yet humane way of getting rid of possums. It’s built tough for durability and to ensure both your safety and that of the trapped animal. The device is easy to assemble and use. Just follow the simple instructions and tips provided and voila, you are good to go!

    The Pestrol Possum trap is equipped to catch a range of pests including:

    • Possums
    • Cats
    • Rabbits
    • Rats
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  • Mosquito eater

    Mosquito Eater – Mosquito Killer Trap

    (8) $199.90

    4 – Ways of Capturing Mosquitoes

    1. A Blue warm light attracts insects
    2. The trap is coated with TIO2 – CO2 attracts insects
    3. Water tray – replicates a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
    4. A strong fan sucks the insects into a dry storage chamber.

    Designed for Australian Conditions

    Protects up to ½ Acre.

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Best Selling Products

  • electronic rodent repellerElectronic Rodent Repeller

    Pestrol Rodent Free

    (353) from: $119.00
    • 3 Technologies: Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic and Ionic
    • Gets rid of rats, mice and also helps remove cockroaches
    • Chemical Free, Safe for kids and pets
    • Effective in covering walls, ceiling and open spaces
    • 2 Year Warranty and 100 Day money back guarantee

    Estimated Coverage and Savings

    • 1 Unit covers a 1-2 bedroom home                $119.00
    • 2 Units cover a 2-3 bedroom home               $228.00
    • 3 units cover a 3-4 bedroom home                $337.00
    • Multi-level homes require 1 Unit per Floor
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    Pestrol ultra summer survival pack

    Pestrol Ultra Summer Survival Pack

    (110) from: $185.00 from: $99.00

    Pestrol Ultra Summer Survival Pack

    • Made in Australia
    • Natural Pyrethrins
    • Safe for people and pets
    • Immediate results
    • Completely biodegradable
    • Fully progammable
    Protect your home from:
    • Mosquitoes                                    Ants
    • Cockroaches                                  Silverfish
    • Midges                                            Dust Mites
    • Fruit Flies                                        Flees
    • Sand Flies                                       Moth
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  • ultrasonic rat and mice repellers

    Pestrol Rodent Free x2

    (111) $228.00

    Pestrol Rodent Free combines electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies to help free your home of rats, mice and aids with the control of cockroaches.

    Plug in – chemical free – 100-Day Money Back Guarantee – Immediate Dispatch.

    Australia’s most trusted electronic rodent repeller. 10’s of thousands sold.

    Estimated Coverage of Rodent Free units (Based on customer feedback)

    1 unit covers a 1-2 bedroom home
    2 units cover a 2-3 bedroom home
    3 units cover a 3-4 bedroom home
    Multi-level homes may require 1 unit per floor

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    Tungsten Mozzie FreeMosquito Traps Australia

    Mozzie Free Premium Mosquito Trap – Tungsten

    (3) $189.90 $169.90

    Mozzie Free Premium Mosquito Trap

    Stainless steel construction – Small in size – big on results.


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New Products

  • Predator Fly Trap

    Predator Outdoor Fly Trap – Extra Large


    Premium and robust outdoor fly control product that we offer

    Predator Fly Trap – Extra Large

    • natural/organic
    • no chemicals
    • proven to be successful
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  • stainless steel solar panel bird mesh kit

    Stainless Steel Solar Panel Bird Mesh Kit – 30M


    Solar Panel Mesh Kit

    Solar Panel Guard Kit protects solar panels from potential damage from rodents, birds, and debris.  A PVC coated stainless steel mesh installed around the perimeter of the solar panels will prevent damage to wiring, corrosion to your roof and stop animal using your panels as their homes.


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    Extendable Zapping Bug SwatterElectric Fly Swatter
  • Extra Large Animal Trapsuper large possum trap

    Extra Large Animal Trap – Humane

    (10) $99.90

    Live Catch & Release Extra Large Animal Trap

    • Live Catch & Release EXTRA Large Folding Animal Trap.
    • Heavy Duty design for the humane catch & release of Larger animals (Dogs, Foxes etc.).
    • Solid Powder-coated steel construction.
    • Opens both ends.
    • Bait station.
    • Size – L 97cm  x W 31cm x H 36cm
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  • eco neem

    Eco-Neem Concentrate

    (4) from: $29.90

    Eco-neem is a registered organic insecticide for the control of a broad range of chewing and sucking insects including caterpillars, curl grubs, aphids, mites, lawn armyworm, citrus leafminer, whitefly and fungus gnats in soil. Overseas registration includes over 200 pest insects.

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  • Bokashi One Kitchen CompostBokashi One Kitchen Compost
  • Green Gobbler - Septic Saver Enzyme DigestivesSeptic Saver Enzyme Pacs

    Green Gobbler – Septic Saver Enzyme Digestive

    (3) $25.90

    The pacs will neutralize the harmful effects of bleach, detergents and other chemical drain openers, whilst producing a better result.

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  • Enzyme Wizard Urine Stain & Odour Remover - 1 Litre Spray

Staff Favourites

  • Natural Surface Spray

    Orange Guard Surface Spray 946ml RTU

    (16) $29.90

    Orange Guard is a Crawling Insect Killer and a natural alternative to insect and pest control problems.

    Natural Spray that kills and repels bugs & insects using the power of edible plant extracts. For use in kitchens, gardens, organic production and in healthy homes.

    Kills and Repels:

    • Ants                         Cockroaches
    • Spiders                    Fleas
    • Silverfish                Moth

    Will NOT stain | NO Chemicals | KILLS and repels crawling insects.


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  • Repelling Cat Square Clear Spikes

    Repelling Cat Clear Square Spikes – 6 Pack

    (6) $39.90

    Pestrol loves animals, but sometimes we need to encourage our friendly pets or wild animals to keep away from damaging our gardens or indoor furniture.

    Just released in Australia, start humanely repelling your pets and other animals today.

    40cm x 31cm x 2cm High – 6 in a pack. Connect them together to make a larger area coverage.

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    pigeon trappigeon traps Australia

    Pigeon Trap – Foldable – Humane – Pestrol Australia

    (5) $179.90 $149.90


    • Effective and humane Pigeon Trap to remove unwanted birds.
    • 2 one way entries for the birds to get in, but not get out.
    • Approximately 10 bird capacity.
    • Galvanised mesh
    • Easy removal of captured birds


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    Bird Spikes NarrowBird Spikes Narrow

    Pestrol Narrow Base Anti Bird Spikes

    (15) from: $8.90 from: $8.00

    Humane and effective anti-bird spikes

    • Low visibility to preserve building aesthetics
    • Easy installation into tighter areas
    • Durable: made of sturdy transparent polycarbonate
    • Flexible: easy to mount on curved surfaces

    Pestrol Anti Bird Spikes are a versatile range of precision engineered bird spike designed to provide effective and humane control of problem urban birds. The upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ act as a physical barrier to the birds, preventing them from landing or roosting on ledges, without hurting them. The clever design provides the solution to virtually every situation where birds are a problem.

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