Insect can be a real nuisance in your home or outside. Pestrol provides a large range on insect repellers, such as on skin applications that are DEET Free – yet extremely effective.  Insects often can get into your home through the drains – Drain Fly Eliminator is an excellent solution to stop any insects coming into your home.

Slug and Snail can often damage your plants, with the use of plant protection kits and Snail and Slug Copper tape – you can keep your garden safe from unwanted guests.

Essential Oils can often be a great solutions again a range of different insects.  They are natural way to deter pests.  Citronella Java Oil is very effective in getting rid of Midgies, Flies, Sandflies and Mosquitoes!


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Lemongrass Oil – 100ml


Neem Leaf 500g


Richgro Ant Killer Gel

(1) $9.90

Pestrol Ultra Summer Survival Pack

(184) $99.00

Pestrol Premium Dispenser – Insect Control

(14) $79.90

Multi Insect Killer Spray 320g

(20) $12.90

Shooaway Fly Repeller

(22) $19.90

EnviroSafe Cedar Rings x 12


Envirosafe Cedar Wood Balls x 20

(3) $5.90

Mozzie Master Mosquito Trap

(2) $99.90

Yates Easy See Weed Dye Concentrate


Botanical Bug Buster Herbal Moth Ball

(1) $9.95

Check M8te Socks/Jocks


Flourish Bug Buster


Flourish Linen Cupboard Sachet


Flourish Pantry Pest Repellent


Go Wild Bras & Undies


Go Wild Bug Buster


Indigo Pantry Pest Repellent

(1) $24.95

Mand Bug Buster


Mandala Pantry Pest Repellent


Oriental Garden Bras Undies


Oriental Garden Bug Buster


Oriental Garden Drawer Liner


Prickly Bras Undies


Prickly Bug Buster


Prickly Clothing Protector


Terra Bella Clothing Protector


Bloom Bras & Undies – Aromatic


Bloom Bug Buster