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Snail & Slug Copper Tape

Snail & Slug Copper Tape


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Snail & Slug Prevention Tape – Serrated – 4m


Chemical-free and non-dangerous to snail and slugs.

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Snail & Slug Copper Tape – 4m

Snail & Slug Copper Tape is perfect for the protection of your plants from slugs and snails. They hate copper, because of a reaction between their mucus and the copper, but snails are very determined, so this Copper Snail Tape also features a serrated edge, which adds another line of defence against even the most determined snails (and slugs). The self-adhesive copper tape can be wrapped around the rim or base of the pot creating a physical barrier slugs and snails will not cross. Its long-lasting looks good and sticks to any clean, dry pot. Each roll of tape is 4m in length, which will go around approx. 4-5 x 30cm pots.


Simply attach the adhesive serrated copper tape around:

  • garden pots
  • frames
  • tables
  • chairs
  • garden beds
  • greenhouse staging
  1. Remove the protective paper and apply directly to a dry clean surface
  2. Stick the Copper Barrier tape in a complete circle around the item that you wish to protect, ensuring the serrated edge is facing downwards.
  3. Trim any branch which may over-hang the protected zone or that may act as a bridge for the pests to enter.
  4. As with any copper material, this tape will turn greenish with age but will not affect the performance of the product.

Watch as snails and slugs are stopped in their tracks. This chemical-free and environmentally friendly and non-lethal method work by creating a protective barrier around the objects that it is attached to. When the snail or slug attempts to cross the copper tape a small electrical current is generated by the interaction of its body with the copper and the snail or slug is repelled. It is non-toxic, very long-lasting, with no possible potential poisoning of animals, pets or children.

If you are protecting any young plants try our Slug and Snail Plant Protection Kit. Simply place the product around your plant to stop insects or birds from eating the young plant.


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