Weepguard is a premium Australian-owned product born out of the vision and expertise of Anthony Marlborough. With over 26 years of bricklaying experience, Anthony identified a critical need in the construction industry. He saw the necessity for a solution that not only provided a refined finish for weep holes in brick buildings but also acted as a reliable barrier against vermin and pests seeking entry into homes through these openings. After years of dedicated development, this family-owned business is proud to meet this demand with Weepguard.

Weepguard offers a seamless, quick, and effortless installation process, perfectly suited for existing brickwork. It’s available in four attractive colours to complement your property: Sandstone (White), Almond Ivory, Grey, and Red Brick. Each pack of Weepguard includes 10 weep hole barriers, making it convenient for your construction needs.

To ensure durability and longevity, Weepguard products are equipped with UV stabilizers and fire retarders, ensuring their resilience in the face of harsh weather conditions and unforeseen events. Moreover, you can trust in the quality of Weepguard, as all products are proudly manufactured in Australia at Forme Technologies.

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Brick Weep Barrier – Weepgaurd 10pk

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