Pantry Moths are one of the most annoying insects you can get in you kitchen and they could be hardest to get rid of. They create a serious risk of food contamination with moth larvae in food containers, which creates a concern for kitchen hygiene. If you see moths flying around in your kitchen, its most likely already too late, the little aliens are already crawling inside your food containers and inside your cupboards.

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Quick Tips on how to get rid of Pantry Moths: 

  • Act Fast as Pantry Moths breed rapidly.  Their life cycle is very short.
  • Check Your Pantry on a regular basis - between the shelves is important not to miss
  • Check your food containers in the pantry. ie Food for pets, especially dry food, seeds, grains, and nuts.
  • Dispose of any contaminated Food
  • Clean your containers of any moth larvae.
  • Use Natural Solutions for Pantry Moths Protection that will not contaminate food.
  • Use pantry Moth traps to Monitor and defend your pantry against Moths.
What are the most common Pantry Moths Species? Bird Seeds Moths, Flour Moths, Grain Moths, Wheat Moths, Food Moths, Cereal Moths, Rice Moths. Are They Harmful? They will not sting or bite you, but they will ruin your food and will be nuisance. What foods does Pantry Moths Love? Flour, Breadcrumbs, Cereal, Spices, Pasta, Dried Fruit, Grains and Nuts What do they Hate? Lavender Oil, Bay Leaves, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil.