The Apparent crop protection line encompasses more than 150 registered products spanning various categories, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed treatments, adjuvants, wetters, and growth regulators.

  • Herbicides: A diverse range of herbicides is available to control and manage weed populations in agricultural fields, ensuring crops have access to vital nutrients for growth.
  • Insecticides: Insecticides within this range are specially formulated to combat a wide spectrum of agricultural pests, protecting crops from insect damage and preserving crop quality and yield.
  • Fungicides: These products play a crucial role in preventing and treating fungal diseases that can harm crops, ensuring the health and vitality of plants.
  • Seed Treatments: Protecting seeds from diseases, pests, and environmental stress during germination and early growth, these treatments enhance seed viability and the resilience of resulting crops.
  • Adjuvants: Additives designed to enhance the performance and effectiveness of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, optimizing their impact while reducing waste.
  • Wetters: Products that aid in the even distribution and adhesion of crop protection chemicals to plant surfaces, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Growth Regulators: Regulators that influence plant development to promote desirable traits, such as increased branching or reduced stem elongation, optimizing crop growth and yield.

Apparent also offers a wide selection of smaller-sized products that are particularly popular among home garden enthusiasts and hobby farm owners with top-notch quality, optimal performance, and excellent value with every use.

Their unwavering commitment to producing high-quality formulations has made the Apparent range highly sought after by farmers across Australia, serving diverse agricultural sectors such as broadacre, cereals, cropping, and pasture.

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Apparent Ant Insecticide
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Apparent Ant sand Insecticide 1Kg

Apparent Shatter 750 1kg
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Apparent Shatter 750 1kg

1 reviews $139.90
Chlorsulfuron 750 1kg
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Apparent Sword Chlorsulfuron 750 1kg

Broadleafweed killer Apparent MCPA 50L
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Broadleaf weed Killer – Apparent MCPA 750 5L

Apparent Halosulfuron
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Herbicide – Apparent Halosulfuron 750 WG

Penetrant Wetting Agent
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Penetrant Wetting Agent – Apparent Devour 1L

1 reviews $54.90
Tank cleaner Apparent boom kaboom
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Tank Cleaner – Apparent Boom Kaboom 1Kg

Weed Killer Apparent Poacher 750
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Weed Killer Apparent Poacher 750 1Kg