Looking for an effective way to control rodents without killing them? Are you in search of a rodent control solution that won’t harm your pet? Rodent Traps are some of the most used rodent control products because they offer an effective, safe and humane way of getting rid of troublesome rats and mice. Traps enable you to capture rodents, transport them safely, and release them into the wild without harming them while still maintaining a safe distance.

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Benefits of using traps

  • They are easy to install and use
  • They can be reused multiple times
  • They’re chemical free
  • Traps are pest specific
  • No dead rodents in hard to reach places
  • Traps are humane

Pestrol’s rodent traps

  • Mouse traps
  • Double ended traps
  • Spring free traps
  • Multi-catch traps
  • Collapsible traps