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Humane Rodent Trap


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Rodent Trap – Humane live catch and release trap from Pestrol


Rodent Trap – Humane live catch.

Our Rodent Trap designed for you by rodent trapping professionals
Designed and field-tested by trapping professionals, the 1-Door Live Animal Trap is built to ensure a quick, safe trapping experience, every time. Thanks to its careful construction, it can be used as a rodent control trap, because these tiny rodents can’t outsmart it. The trip plate is sensitive enough that even the lightest animals can effectively trigger the door closed, and the mesh openings are smaller than competing traps, so little sneaky critters cannot steal the bait.

Simple to Operate
You don’t have to be a pro to use this Pestrol rodent trap. Its design allows trappers of all experience levels to capture and transport rodents with ease. It’s the only rat trap with a guillotine-style door, which can be lifted from the top to avoid making contact with the animal.

A live cage trap is a humane tool for eliminating rodents from your home or yard, and Pestrol makes the process safe for you and the animal. For You: A solid door and handle guard protect you from contact with a trapped rat, and the carrying handle allows you to hold the trap away from your body while a rat is inside. For the Rat: A strong door lock keeps the animal safely inside, while smooth, rolled internal trap edges prevent injuries to animals as they are being transported or as they struggle to escape. If you require a multi-catch rat trap click here.

Our Rodent Trap is built to last
Pestrol builds the strongest, most durable traps with premium materials, intended to endure harsh weather and unpredictable animal behaviour. Traps are constructed of industrial-strength, one-piece wire mesh, which is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. A solid door and steel reinforcements add to the durability of the rat catcher, ensuring an even longer trap life.



Size: L 41.5cm x W 14.5cm x H 16.5cm


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    Introducing Pestrol’s latest and most innovative Rodent trap yet.

    Incorporating a state of the art design and never seen before catching techniques this new trap is a guaranteed solution to all Rat and Mouse trapping requirements. Ideal for operation as both a rat trap or a mouse trap the Pestrol double ended rodent trap is sure to resolve your rodent issues.

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