Charlie Carp is an innovation in liquid fish fertiliser. It is the best organic fertiliser in Australia for your lawn and garden and it also helps to sustain a healthy environment.

Charlie Carp is an all-purpose liquid Fertiliser that is right for every situation in your garden. The product range is the purest form by using the whole fish in the manufacturing process. Charlie Carp fish fertiliser provides an almost perfect balance to deliver plants and grass enough nutrients they need for healthy growth. It contains both micro and macronutrients that help to give you long-lasting results in the colour and health of your garden or lawn.

Soil health will also prosper with Charlie Carp products. Fish fertiliser has been proven to improve soil quality, leading to enhanced, deeper rooting due to the better penetration of nutrients and water. It can also rebuild and replenish older, unproductive soil, bringing it back to life.

Economical and easy to apply products do their job immediately creating a healthy immune system and strong growth for your plants

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  • Odourless
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Deter Pests and limit disease on all plants
  • Useful in all seasons