Fungicides: Your Ultimate Shield Against Plant Diseases

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Discover our extensive range of Fungicides, the go-to remedy for combating various types of fungal diseases that can compromise your plants’ health. From mildews to rusts and everything in between, we have a fungicide solution for you.

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Surefire Chlortan 720 Fungicide


Organic Root Extender


Manutec Wettable Sulphur 500g


AgroBest Phozguard 620 Systemic Fungicide – 5L

8 reviews $99.90

Multicrop Kocide BlueXtra Garden Fungicide 30g


Mancozeb DG – 2kg

1 reviews $86.90

Barmac Copper Oxychloride 2kg


Boracol 200RH – 5L

1 reviews $112.90

XJ Timber Preservative

2 reviews $49.90

Richgro Expert Gardener Vermiculite – 5L Net


Wettable Sulphur – 2kg

1 reviews $49.90

Selleys Wallpaper Medium Heavy Paste – 250g


David Grays Tomato Dust 3-in-1

2 reviews $13.99

Yates Anti Rot Fungicide Concentrate – 500ml

3 reviews $28.90

Eco Fungicide RTU – 750ml


Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Concentrate – 250gm


Liquid Copper Fungicide Concentrate – 200ml

2 reviews $21.90

Mancozeb Plus Fungicide & Miticide Concentrate – 150gm

1 reviews $15.90

Yates Fungus Gun RTU


Yates Lime Sulfur Concentrate


Yates Rose Gun RTU


Yates Rose Shield Concentrate


Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust


Sharp Shooter Rid A Rot

2 reviews $10.90

Sharp Shooter Rose Black Spot & Insect Spray

2 reviews $9.90

Sharp Shooter Triforine 250mL

1 reviews $12.90

Eco-Fungicide OCP 500g


Sharp Shooter Lime Sulphur

1 reviews $10.90
At our store, you'll find an extensive array of fungicides that have been carefully curated to ensure optimal plant protection and overall plant health. Whether you're a professional farmer, a passionate gardener, or a homeowner tending to your garden, we have the perfect solution to combat a variety of fungal diseases.

Brands we sell:

  • Agrobest, a name synonymous with excellence in agriculture, brings you cutting-edge fungicides designed to combat a wide spectrum of fungi efficiently. Their scientifically formulated products provide long-lasting protection, ensuring your crops thrive even in the face of persistent fungal threats.
  • Multicrop, a trusted brand in the industry, offers environmentally-friendly fungicides that strike the perfect balance between efficacy and eco-consciousness. Rest assured, their products are designed to effectively eliminate fungi while being gentle on the environment.
  • Selleys, a name known for innovation and reliability, presents a range of user-friendly fungicides that are easy to apply and yield exceptional results. Count on Selleys to help you maintain a beautiful garden or a thriving crop with their practical and efficient solutions.
  • Yates, with decades of expertise in horticulture, brings you advanced fungicides crafted to meet the diverse needs of garden enthusiasts and professional growers alike. Their products are built on a foundation of quality and efficacy, promising outstanding performance season after season.
Shop with confidence at our store, where product quality, customer satisfaction, and prompt delivery are our top priorities. Take control of fungal diseases and ensure the health and productivity of your plants with our premium fungicides from Agrobest, Multicrop, Selleys, Yates, and other reputable brands. Don't let fungi compromise your harvest or mar the beauty of your garden; invest in the best fungicides today.