Discover a wide range of high-quality fertilisers designed to meet all your gardening needs. Our selection includes organic fertilisers, perfect for eco-friendly gardening and enhancing soil health. For lush, green lawns, our lawn fertilisers provide essential nutrients for robust growth. Explore our slow-release fertilisers, which offer sustained nutrition over time, ensuring your plants thrive. We carry top brands like AmgrowManutecBokashiBarmac, and Plant of Health, known for their reliable and effective formulations. Enhance your garden’s vitality with our premium fertiliser collection.

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Kult Plant Growth Regulator


Hortex Garden Gold 2.1kg Slow Release Plant Fertiliser


Hortex Garden Gold 700gm Slow Release Plant Fertiliser


Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser 5kg


Big Smoke Garlic Smoke Generator 30g


Instant-Gro All Purpose Compound Fertiliser 700g


Lawnporn Hero Humic Acid 1L


Munns Wetta Lawn & Garden Soil Conditioner 10kg


Orgasmix Boom Boom Premium Fertiliser


Orgasmix Garden of Eden Premium Fertiliser


Orgasmix Lawn Envy Premium Fertiliser


Orgasmix Love Portion Natural Bio-Stimulant


Orgasmix XL Fruit & Veg Premium Fertiliser


Thrive Indoor Plants Liquid Plant Food – 3Pk


Waterwise Concentrate Soil Wetter


Waterwise Granular Soil Wetter


Waterwise Hose-on Soil Wetter 2L


Waterwise Water Storage Crystals 200g


Yates Drought Shield RTU 750ml


Yates Liquid Trace Elements Chelate 500ml


Yates Liquid Zinc & Manganese Chelate 500ml


Neutrog Bush Tucker Native Plant Liquid Fertiliser 1L

2 reviews $19.90

Osmocote All Purpose Hose On RTU 1L


Osmocote Cacti & Succulent Controlled Release Fertiliser 500g


Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Starter 800g


Osmocote Garden Beds Controller Release Fertiliser 500g


Osmocote Orchid Controller Release Fertiliser


Osmocote Potted Plants Controller Release Fertiliser 500g


Osmocote Pour + Feed Cacti & Succulent 1L


Osmocote Pour + Feed Orchid 1L

1 reviews $16.90
For your delicate blossoms, especially flowering plants, a fertiliser high in phosphorus would be ideal. This vital nutrient encourages vibrant blooms, ensuring your flowers stand out in all their glory. We're proud to showcase acclaimed brands such as Richgro, Brunnings, Yates, and Plant Needs. These trailblazers in the gardening realm have crafted solutions that cater to all fertiliser concerns. Moreover, if you're eyeing organic, eco-friendly, and premium choices, we're right with you. Our collection epitomizes the best in sustainable gardening, ensuring your plants, our planet, and you all thrive harmoniously.  
  • What is the best fertiliser for most plants?
At Pestrol, we recommend a balanced fertiliser for most plants, especially the acclaimed 10-10-10 mix. This balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ensures overall plant health, stimulating growth, root development, and bloom production.
  • What fertilizer should I use on my plants?
This largely depends on your plant type and its specific needs. Flowering plants, for instance, flourish with fertilisers rich in phosphorus. We proudly stock brands like Richgro, Brunnings, Yates, and Plant Needs that offer a wide range of fertilisers tailored to specific plant requirements.
  • What are the 3 main plant fertilizers?
The big three in the world of fertilisers are nitrogen (promotes leafy growth), phosphorus (enhances root development and blooms), and potassium (boosts overall plant health and resistance to diseases). You'll find these elements in various proportions across our product range to suit different plant needs.
  • What is 10-10-10 fertilizer in Australia?
The 10-10-10 fertilizer is a universal blend offering equal parts of the three primary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It's a go-to choice in Australia for gardeners seeking an all-purpose fertiliser that caters to a wide variety of plants.   Quick Tips:  
  • For general gardening, consider a balanced fertiliser like the 10-10-10 mix.
  • Boost your blossoms with a high-phosphorus fertiliser.
  • After application, water your garden lightly to help the soil absorb the nutrients.
  • Moderation is key; too much fertiliser can be detrimental.