Bird nesting boxes, also known as birdhouses or bird shelters, offer a valuable refuge for birds to build nests, lay eggs, and raise their young.

These boxes mimic natural nesting cavities that may be scarce in urban or developed areas, providing a suitable alternative for birds to establish their homes.

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Kookaburra Nesting Box

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Cockatoo Nesting Box


Grey Shrike Thrush Nesting Box


Parrot Nesting Box

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Crimson Rosella Nesting Box

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King Parrot Nesting Box


Kingfisher Nesting Box


Red-Rumped Parrot Nesting Box


Chicken Layer Box

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Wood Duck Nesting Box


Tree Martin Nesting Box


Treecreeper Nesting Box


Owlet Nightjar Nesting Box


Large Forest Owl Nesting Box

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Eastern Barn Owl Nesting Box


Galah Nesting Box

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Pardalote Nesting Box

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Forty Spotted Pardalote Nesting Box

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Insectivorous Bat Nesting Box

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Our selection of bird nesting boxes includes different styles, sizes, and designs to accommodate a variety of bird species. Whether you want to attract small songbirds, colorful finches, or cavity-nesting birds such as bluebirds or woodpeckers, we have a nesting box suitable for your needs.

Nesting boxes provide essential shelter and protection for birds, shielding them from predators, extreme weather conditions, and human disturbances. By installing nesting boxes in your backyard, garden, or other outdoor areas, you create a welcoming environment that supports nesting, breeding, and the growth of bird populations.

Observing birds nesting and raising their young can be a fascinating and rewarding experience. It allows you to connect with nature, learn about bird behaviors, and contribute to bird conservation efforts. Bird nesting boxes provide an opportunity for you and your family to witness the wonder of life unfolding right in your own backyard.

How To Attach Your Nesting Box

  • Place two meters off the ground, but at the height where you can monitor easily.
  • Make sure the box is out of the prevailing wet-weather winds, in the shade or semi-shade.
  • Near the source of food and water.
  • Make sure the box is fixed securely to the trunk or a sturdy branch tree.