With Australia currently experiencing a housing shortage for wildlife, many of our birds rely on tree hollows to live and breed in.  Unfortunately, the tree hollows are becoming rare to come by due to clearing for farming, timber products, or development.  So, what can you do to help? Besides planting more trees for the future, erecting nest boxes to replace hollows is an excellent option.

Nest Boxes are used by a wide variety of birds, from tiny Striated Pardalotes and Tree Martins up to Powerful Owls and including most parrots, gliders, bats, and possums.  As they come in all different shapes and sized and have different specific requirements, no next box will suit them all, so please choose carefully which wildlife you want to attract.  Pestrol offers a large range of nesting boxes to suit a variety of different bird species.

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How To Attach Your Nesting Box

  • Place two meters off the ground, but at the height where you can monitor easily.
  • Make sure the box is out of the prevailing wet-weather winds, in the shade or semi-shade.
  • Near the source of food and water.
  • Make sure the box is fixed securely to the trunk or a sturdy branch tree.