Cold Foggers: Unmatched Efficiency for Disinfection and Pest Control

Welcome to your ultimate destination for top-quality cold foggers! Whether you’re tackling pest invasions, sanitizing public spaces, or disinfecting your home, our range of cold foggers are designed to meet your specific needs. These devices efficiently convert liquid solutions into fine mists that can cover expansive areas, ensuring uniform application. Easy-to-use and built to last, our cold foggers provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial applications.

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San-air nano portable atomizer
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SAN-AIR Nano Portable Atomizer

Hurricane Dyna-fog Ultra II 3.8L
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Hurricane Dyna-fog Ultra II 3.8L

fogging equipment
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VectorFog C100 ULV Cold Fogger

Vectorfog C150 ULV Cold Fogger
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Vectorfog C150 Plus ULV Cold Fogger

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VectorFog DC20 Plus Cordless ULV Cold Fogger

1 reviews $2,100.00
ULV Cold Fogger
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ULV Cold Fogger – 5 Litre Capacity

2 reviews $449.00
cold fogger
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Cold Fogger – VectorFog C20 ULV

Longray Electric Portable ULV 3600E
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Longray Electric Portable ULV 3600E

Longray ULV Cold Fogger 2680A ll
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Longray ULV Cold Fogger 2680A ll


Why Choose Our Cold Foggers?

  • High-Efficiency Atomization
  • Versatile Applications: From Pest Control to Sanitization
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Durable and Reliable
What is a cold fogger?
  • A cold fogger, also known as an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) fogger, is a mechanical device that transforms liquid into small droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere as a fine mist. Unlike thermal foggers that use heat to produce a mist, cold foggers utilize a high-speed fan and pressure to achieve this. The droplets can range in size, typically from 5-50 microns, making them ideal for various applications such as disinfection, pest control, and odor removal. Cold foggers are favored for indoor use because they do not produce a heated mist, which makes them safer and less likely to harm furnishings or sensitive equipment. They are often electrically powered but can also come in battery-operated or even manual pump-action forms.
Does cold fogging work?
  • Yes, cold fogging is an effective method for dispersing chemicals over a large area. It works well for pest control, disinfection, and sanitization, provided you use the appropriate chemical solution and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for application.
What chemical is used in cold fogging?
  • The chemical used in cold fogging can vary depending on the intended application. For disinfection, chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or quaternary ammonium compounds are often used. For pest control, a variety of insecticides can be used. Always refer to the fogger's manual for recommended chemicals and solutions.
What is the difference between a cold fogger and a thermal fogger?
  • The main difference lies in the method of producing fog. Cold foggers use high pressure to convert liquid into a mist, whereas thermal foggers use heat to vaporize a fogging solution, creating a fog or smoke. Cold foggers generally produce larger droplet sizes compared to thermal foggers and do not require flammable solutions.