The Pestrol Regular was the very first Automatic Insect Control Dispenser that included Natural Pyrethrins that comes from Tasmania. It was the first time you were able to control flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps and much more from in and around your home. The easy to change refills made it the best-kept secret in pest control for 10’s of thousands of Australians. Pestrol started the business some 20 years ago with this very product. For all your pest control solutions and products talk to Pestrol.

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Pestrol Regular Refills
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Pestrol Regular Refills – 312g

109 reviews $22.95
Pestrol Regular EDU
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Pestrol Regular EDU – Dispenser Head Only

5 reviews $49.90
Pestrol Regular Indoor - Automatic Insect Control
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Pestrol Regular Indoor – Automatic Insect Control

18 reviews $59.90
Pestrol Regular Refills are designed to provide consistent and reliable protection against a wide spectrum of flying and crawling insects. Specially formulated with powerful active ingredients, each refill guarantees a long-lasting shield against pests that may invade your spaces. Whether it's pesky flies, mosquitoes, gnats, or other nuisance insects, these refills ensure an uninterrupted defence mechanism, keeping your surroundings comfortable and insect-free. With a simple and hassle-free installation process, these refills seamlessly integrate into Pestrol's range of automatic insect control sprays. The user-friendly design allows you to effortlessly replace empty refills, ensuring continuous coverage without any disruption. By evenly dispersing the insect- controlling agents, these refills optimize the performance of Pestrol's automatic sprays, maintaining the efficacy and potency of the protection they provide.