Check out our special brush collection. We focus on top-quality wire and brazing brushes. They’re built for tough tasks with lasting durability. Perfect for pros and DIY fans, these brushes remove rust, paint, and dirt easily. They prep surfaces for painting or welding.

Ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, we design these brushes to efficiently remove rust, paint, and debris, preparing surfaces for painting or welding.

Explore our range today. Find your ideal brush for quality and effective work.

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Supercraft 4 Row Brazing Brush With Wood Handle


Supercraft Brass Wire Brush – 175mm


Supercraft D-Handle Wire Brush


Supercraft Mini 3-Piece Wire Brush Set


Supercraft Plastic Wire Brush


Supercraft Sanding Block Foam 3pack


Supercraft Stainless Steel Brazing Brush With Wood Handle


Supercraft Stainless Steel Wire Brush


Supercraft Wooden Sanding Float 112MM X 280MM

Whether you're tackling stubborn grime on machinery, removing rust and paint, or preparing surfaces for refinishing, our brushes deliver unmatched performance. Wire Brushes: Used for removing rust, paint, and corrosion from metal surfaces. They are essential for preparing metal before welding or painting, and they come in hand-held, wheel, cup, and end brush varieties for use with power tools or manual labour. Brazing Brushes: Essential for cleaning and preparing metal surfaces before brazing, these brushes help remove oxides and contaminants to ensure a clean, strong brazed joint. They are particularly useful in metal joining processes where cleanliness and precision are paramount. Available in materials compatible with different metals, brazing brushes are designed for effective surface preparation without damaging the material.