Our Wildlife Safe Bird Netting comes in 5mm x 5mm Mesh that keeps small birds and other pest out of the area you want to protect. It is UV Treated. Can be used for commercial and residential use, vineyards and Vegetable Gardens as well as Fruit Fly Trees.

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Tree netting is a popular way to protect fruit from wildlife, but unfortunately wrong time of Bird Netting can kill or injure animals such as birds, flying - foxes and possums. If the mesh size is too large, it will allow animals to get tangled that can often lead to death. Wildlife Safe Bird Netting has a mesh size of less than 5mm. Tips if you are netting the whole tree:
  1. Pull netting tightly over the tree.   Don't allow netting to lie across the ground, where it can entangle and injure other animals.
  2. Fix netting tightly to the tree trunk - this will stop rodents from reaching fruit.
  3. Make sure to remove old netting that is not protecting fruit. To dispose old netting - place it in a strong plastic bag.
  4. Check netted trees every day to ensure the nets are not loose and than no animals are caught.
HELP INJURED WILDLIFE If you find wildlife caught in netting, especially flying foxes or snakes, - do not try to handle or rescue yourself. CALL AWARE 0412 433 727 (24hrs)