Have a tick problem you’d like to control? Looking for the best tick control products to help you get rid of these pesky pests? Ticks are small parasites that feed on the blood of animals, including humans. Their contact with blood makes them potential disease vectors with the ability to spread a number of diseases to their hosts. Contrary to popular belief, ticks are not just limited to households with pets (although they’re more at risk), they can also invade homes with no pets.

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Natural Insect Repellent for Dogs – The Dog’s Own


Hygea Natural Bed Bug Laundry Additive – 950ml


3-in-1 Tick Removal Kit

(1) $14.90

Pestrol Tick Tweezer Remover

(1) $19.90

Tick Tox Spray 20g


Pestrol Tick Remover

(2) $5.90

NoBites Insect Repellent Spray – 100ml

(2) $19.90

Natural Mosquito Repellent Mosi-guard Roll-On 50ml

(13) $17.90

Mosi-Guard Mosquito Control Spray 100ml

(12) $21.00

Neem Organic Pet Spray – 500ml Spray


Neem All Purpose Concentrate

(1) $24.90

Pestrol Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief

(16) $20.00

Black Insect Screens – 1.2m x 30m


Insect Screens 1.2m x 30m – 1 Roll

(1) $79.90

Food Cover – Food Tent

(4) $29.90

Insect Shield Women’s Shirt

(5) $89.90

Pestrol Insect Shield Socks (2 Pair Pack)

(9) $29.90

Insect Shield Men’s Shirt

(13) $89.90

Men’s Insect Shield Cargo Pants


NoBites Insect Repellent Combo


NoBites Junior Bug Repellent – 100ml


ParaKito Bite Relief Roll-On


Bushman – Insect Repellent Plus Dry Gel 75g


Bushman Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Pump Spray 145ml


Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Dry Gel 75g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Aerosols 60g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Aerosols 130g


Bushman – Insect Repellent Plus Spray 350g

(1) $21.40

Bushman – Insect Repellent Ultra Aerosols 225g

(1) $21.40

Bushman – ItchFix Soothing Gel 75g

(1) $17.50

Tick Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Seeing the actual tick
  • A constantly scratching pet
  • Medical symptoms from tick-transmitted diseases
  • Ticks are hardy and can survive for years
  • Ticks don’t fly or jump
  • They mainly use tall vegetation to get to hosts

Effective Tick Control from Pestrol

Pestrol’s Tick Control Products

  • Tick repelling clothing
  • Tick removers
  • Insect shield blankets