Tired of toads hopping all over your property? Looking for a toad control product that actually works? Cane toads are not only annoying to have on your property, but they can be a danger to your pet as well if ingested. Toads produce venom that can kill your pet if they eat them – which is quite likely to happen. The croaking of toads is also very irritating and can keep you up at night.

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Toad Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Seeing the actual toads
  • Croaking sounds
  • Cane toads don’t bite
  • Cane toads produce venom
  • This venom can be lethal when ingested
  • Toads prefer moist environments
  • Cane toads are not native to Australia
  • They were introduced to control beetles in the 30s

Pestrol’s Toad Control Products

  • Electronic toad repellers
  • They are effective, environmentally safe and humane
  • They’re made to last