When ants invade your home they can become a real nuisance.  They are relentless and will target your food all over your house.  Pestrol has natural ant solutions to keep them away.  From natural pyrethrins, peppermint oil or orange guard are all effective in getting rid of them from your home.

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Advion Ant Gel


Antmaster Ant Killer Liquid Bait 125ml


Blitz Insecticide 5L


Fipronil Granular Ant killer


Surefire Cockroach Spider Indoor and Outdoor Insecticide


Zenith Residual Insecticide 5L


Bayer SOLFAC DUO Residual Insecticide 500ml


Bayer SOLFAC DUO Residual Insecticide 250ml

1 reviews $89.90

Blitz Insecticide 1L

1 reviews $59.90

StarrdustPRO Duckbill Duster Kit


Zenith Residual Insecticide 1L


D-Fense NXT Insecticide Aerosol 425G


Insectigone Residual Insecticide


Pyrate Natural Insecticide


Allrounder Insecticide Ready to use


Big Smoke Permethrin Insecticide Smoke Generator 31g

4 reviews $26.90

Fendona Plus 60SC 1L Insecticide


Pop Up Bird Netting and Fruit Cage Garden Cover

2 reviews $24.90

Invader Max Ant & Cockroach Granular Bait 200g

1 reviews $59.95

Webzone Termiticide and Insecticide

3 reviews $57.90

Yates Ant & Roach Dust 500g


Yates Blitzem Insect Killer Concentrate 200ml

1 reviews $14.90

Yates Blitzem Insect Killer RTU 750ml


Yates Home Pest Ant Flea & Tick Killer 600g

1 reviews $10.90

Yates Home Pest Long Term Control Barrier Spray Ready-to-Use


Defender Home Defense Surface Insecticide RTU

2 reviews $14.90

RoadBlock Spider and Ant Automotive Treatment 350g

4 reviews $26.90

Apparent Ant sand Insecticide 1Kg


Premium Bug-Free Bundle

40 reviews $129.00

Pestrol Ultra Summer Survival Pack

307 reviews $99.00
Ants are social insects that live together in colonies and although they are very useful in nature (where they play the role of predator and scavenger), they can be a problem in industrial and domestic situations.

Ant Symptoms + Quick facts

  1. Large numbers of live ants
  2. Ant pathways into your premises or home
  3. Nests that look like small piles of dirt or soil
  4. They will contaminate food and surfaces through contact
  5. These insects usually come into your home or premises in search of food.