Possums may look cute but they can be a real pest.  They will make a mess in your garden and can be extremely noisy in your roof.  Pestrol offers a range of possum traps that will help you to relocate them to a different area safely.

To set up a possum trap, choose the area where the possums frequents, it could be in your house roof space or in your garden.  Make sure to use the bait, to lure possums into the trap. Food such as fruit, berries, vegetables, peanut butter will attract them in the possum trap.

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Possum Trap

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What are the most common Possums in Australia?

The Brushtail and Ringtail Possums are the most common possums that most likely take up residence in your backyard.

Are Possums dangerous?

Generally, possums are quite shy and not aggressive.  However, if they feel like they are trapped, they will defend its territory.

Do Australian Possums Bite?

Possums do have sharp teeth, however, they are unlikely to bite.  Even between other possums they just stare at each other with erect ears to defend their territory.

Why are possums protected in Australia?

Even though they can create damage on your property, they are protected as they are native species and we treating them humanely is important.