Possum Trap

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Get rid of possums humanely with the Possum Trap.

The possum trap offers an effective yet humane way of getting rid of possums. It’s built tough for durability and to ensure both your safety and that of the trapped animal. The device is easy to assemble and use. Just follow the simple instructions and tips provided and voila, you are good to go!

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Get rid of possums humanely!

Using the Pestrol possum trap to humanely remove troublesome possums.

The Pestrol Possum Trap offers effective solutions for humanely trapping annoying possums. Our Possum Trap is safe for both humans and possums. All Possum Traps are built to super tough, professional standards and offer the highest quality features in Australia including:

  • Size: 66 x 26 x 25
  • Weight: 3.342g
  • No injury to Possums when caught.
  • Very easy to bait.
  • Assembles in seconds – no need for additional tools.
  • Easy to transport and release possums back into the wild.
  • Extra fine mesh around the bait area to ensure they dont get the food without entering the trap.
  • One of the strongest possum traps on the market in Australia.
  • The handle is shielded protect you when transporting the possum back into the wild.
  • This possum trap is not powder coated. After years of selling possum traps the only way for long lasting durability is to have our traps made with galvanised wire with a matte finish.

Instructions to assemble the Pestrol possum trap.

The possum trap arrives folded flat – instructions included show that this trap easily folds into position and is ready for action.

  1. There are cable ties that need to be cut to allow the possum trap to expand open.
  2. Hold the possum trap by the handle. Gravity will assist as the possum trap falls into place. Ensure both doors at either end are pushed down.
  3. There are 2 “U” shaped supporting arms. They must be pushed down to ensure the possum traps is locked into shape.  The fixing clips can be squeezed with your hands to ensure they are locked in tight.
  4. The final step is connecting the curled bottom end of the Trip Plate Rod to the floor plate.
  5. Rear door can be locked by using the additional “U” shaped wire.

Simple tips for effective use of the possum trap.

  1. The possum trap should be placed on a flat service. I
  2. When baiting the possum trap ensure that the food is placed beyond the trip plate(Please dont place food on the trip plate). This can be achieved by using the rear door.
  3. Canned pet food or apples is our recommendation for the best possum bait.
  4. Camouflage the possum trap with surrounding leaves / twigs etc. Ensuring the material doesn’t affect the operation of the possum trap.
  5. Ensure you check the possum trap daily to ensure the wellbeing of the caught intruder.


NSW National Parks & Wildlife Licence Needed Brushtail Possum


Must be released back onto your property at dusk

Phone: 131 555

ACT Environmental Act Licence Needed Brushtail Possum


Phone: 132 281

QLD Environment Protection Agency Permit Required Brushtail Possum


Must be released within 25m of capture

Phone: (07) 3227 8185

SA Department for Environment & Heritage Permit Required Brushtail Possum

Ringtail Possum


Must be released within 50m of capture

Phone: (08) 9334 0427

WA Department of Conservation & Land Management License Needed Brushtail Possum

Ringtail Possum


Must be released within 50m of capture

Phone: (08) 9334 0427

TAS Department of Primary Industries, Water & Environment Permit Required Brushtail Possum


You can remove possum from your roof.  Relocation to other sites is not an option.

Phone: (03) 9233 6556

VIC Department of Sustainability & Environment License Required  Brushtail Possum

Ringtail Possum


Release within 50m of capture site.

Phone: 136 186

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 20 cm

1 review for Possum Trap

  1. Possum removed.

    Excellent trap worked the first night. possum freed in the bush.

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