Virbac is a globally trusted brand, serving veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners across over 100 countries. With innovative solutions tailored to a wide range of animal species and diseases, Virbac is dedicated to advancing the field of animal health.

Founded in 1968 by Dr. Pierre-Richard Dick in response to the limited availability of pharmaceuticals for animals, Virbac remains committed to creating new medicines. Today, they continue to operate independently, maintaining their core values and delivering practical products and services that diagnose, prevent, and treat various pathologies, ultimately enhancing the well-being of animals worldwide.

Virbac’s daily commitment is dedicated to the well-being of pets and livestock. They adopt an integrated medical approach to prioritize disease prevention and promote responsible care and farming practices.

Their goal is to innovate treatment solutions that align with animal welfare, biodiversity, and ecosystem preservation.

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Goat and Sheep Wormer
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Goat and Sheep Wormer Virbac Oralject 30ml

Deworming Paste for Horses
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Horse Deworming Paste Virbac Equimax 37.8G