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Double Ended Rodent Trap

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Introducing Pestrol’s latest and most innovative Rodent trap yet.

Incorporating a state of the art design and never seen before catching techniques this new trap is a guaranteed solution to all Rat and Mouse trapping requirements. Ideal for operation as both a rat trap or a mouse trap the Pestrol double ended rodent trap is sure to resolve your rodent issues.

370mm x 125mm x 100mm

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The Double Ended Rodent Trap is a Rat & Mouse Trap that is perfect for catching unwanted Rodents.

This unit has an entrance on either side of the trap, this makes it incredibly accessible.  Not only this but it also makes the trap incredibly inviting for the Rats and Mice to enter the trap as they can see an option to exit at the other end.

Just bait the trip plate in the centre of the trap and wait for the Rodent to walk through.  This trap is incredibly sensitive and even the smallest movement will trigger both doors to close instantly. It functions perfectly as both a rat trap and a mouse trap so you can be sure to tackle all your rodent problems with the one trap!


Size: 10 x 40 x 13cm

Weight: 570g

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  1. Jack Howard

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  2. Laurence Rucker

    Still still in shed with dry dog food inside (rats love dried dog food – biscuits etc.) BUT also have some of your electronic units in shed and also baits and NO Rats to be seen… baits have not been touched nor dog food… Originally put baits in shed then had one chew car wiring up near house (on acreage) SO bought some of your products as with baits they eat and go away and die so no evidence worked BUT someone had as NO RATS… I was told that you do need a mixture of different things to get rid of them. Apparently strobe lights also work well and some units come with different things to deter them BUT have to use different things as they may get use to the one deterrent …

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  3. Dave H.

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  4. Tanya Irwin-King

    Great for catching mice

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