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Pestrol 360 Rodent Repeller


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  • High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves (24,000-40,000Hz)
  • Full 360 Degree coverage
  • 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

This electronic rodent repeller is used as an alternative to the Pestrol Rodent Free for areas that you don’t have suitable wiring to utilize electromagnetic signal effectively.

The Pestrol 360° Rodent Repeller is the latest Ultrasonic Pest Control product available on the market!

Our 360° Rodent Repeller is for open area rodent protection. This Ultrasonic pest control utilizes a high-pressure ultrasonic sound.  This technology emits a disorienting pulse that startles and frightens away rats and mice from where the unit is situated.  Using a different pulse generator, 360 Rodent Repeller emits fluctuating sound waves so pests don’t get accustomed to the sound.

With full 360 Degree Coverage, High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves, and frequency settings of between 24,000-40,000Hz, this is the device you need for your home!

The Pestrol 360° Pest Repeller is extremely effective in large open spaces.


  • Sweep frequency ultrasonic: 315~700sqm;
  • Fixed frequency ultrasonic: 1250sqm.

Unlike traps and poisons, 360 Ultrasonic pest repeller does not kill rodents but provides long-term reduction ability in rat and mice population. If you have rodents in your wall cavities or areas which are hard to access, try our Pestrol Rodent Free rat and mice deterrent. The technologies are slightly different and allow sound to pass through the wiring and get into areas that can often be great living areas for rodents.

Where to use:

  • Garages
  • Garden sheds
  • Barns
  • Roof space
  • Dairy sheds
  • Woolsheds
  • Grain storage

NO Chemicals, NO Poisons, NO Pests!

Be aware of copies which are not comparable.


Q. Will Ultrasonic Sound hurt my dog?

The ultrasonic sound can be heard by everyone, however, we all have a different frequency range that we can hear.  Pestrol 360 Unit is set on a frequency that can be heard only by rats and mice.  However, other animals, such as dogs and cats, are more sensitive and can also hear on the same frequency.  Ultrasonic Sound does not travel through walls, and will only be active in the room the unit is placed. So, if you are using the unit in the roof space, other pets will not hear it.

Q. Is the unit waterproof?

Pestrol 360 Unit can be used in the patio, garage or roof space.  The unit can be used outside, however, it needs to be protected from water as it is an electrical product and needs to plug into the powerpoint.

Q. I have rats under my floors, under my house, will this unit be effective?

Yes, Pestrol 360 is a perfect unit to use under the floor where Pestrol Rodent Free will not work.





How to use:

  1. Choose the desired options for Frequency:
  2. Sweep Frequency
  3. Double Frequency
  4. Attack and Sweep Frequency
  5. Place the unit in the center of the room where you want to repel rats or mice.
  6. Pestrol 360 Rodent Repeller gives you 360-degree coverage.
  7. Please be aware that Ultrasonic Frequency does not travel between walls and additional units may be required to achieve the best results.

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  1. Dawn C.

    Works well in shed under car

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  2. Mick W.

    Awesome product

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  3. Geoff T.

    Really pleased with service
    I have one set up in recently renovated roof space I haven’t heard any noise or any sign of dropping from vermin

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  4. Ross

    Since setting this up I have noticed less mice/rat activity in my carport and surrounding garden areas.

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  5. Richard Knight

    summer time will be the real telling of how the product goes but as yet there have been no mice or ras running thru our room spaces

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