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Electric Fly Killers are an effective method of controlling the populations of many species of flying insects including flies, fruit flies and moths. Pestrol Australia sells a wide range of Electric Fly Zappers and Glue Board Fly Killers to suit your individual needs.


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Electric Glue Board Fly Killers vs Electric Fly Zappers: what’s best for me?

Whilst both are electric units, the mechanism behind Glue Board Fly Killers focus on containing the flying insects rather than instantly killing them. These products are silent and convenient making them ideal for a wide range of workplaces both residentially and commercially such as hotel lobbies and restaurants.

Electric Fly Zappers operate slightly differently to the glue board products as they comprise a high voltage electric field which instantly kill insects that fly towards the UV light. A clean and hygienic tray is used to collect the insects for easy disposal. These units do make a little noise and it is recommended that these products are used in commercial backrooms.