Edge Glueboard Fly Killer 30W


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Edge Glueboard Fly Killer 30w

One of the most effective glueboard fly lights on the market.

Patented technology with the ability to catch more flying insects than other units.

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Edge Glueboard Fly Killer 30w

Developed to be the most effective glue board flyl ight on the market, the Edge Glueboard Fly Killer is designed around patented glue board technology to catch significantly more flying insects than traditional glue boards.

Edge Glueboard Fly Killer utilises ultraviolet tubes to attract flying insects into the product, before trapping them on a sticky glue board. UV tubes attract flying insects by emitting a wavelength of light attractive to flies. Flying insects are attracted to the tube which emits UV at a level comparable to that of the sun, which the flying insect has a natural attraction to as a source of heat.

Edge Glueboard Fly Killers are designed for use in front of house areas, decorative fly killers discreetly protect areas which are highly visible to customers. Insects are attracted by UV light then retained with highly effective glue boards to ensure that flying insects are kept at bay.

Edge Glueboard Fly Killers are ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, reception areas food service and dining areas.

As the glue board is inserted into the Edge Glueboard Fly Killer it self-folds at the desired points, creating a unique form around high efficacy Synergetic UV tubes. This unique design forms edges, proven to be more attractive to flies, maximises useful UV light output, and creates a 30% larger glue area than traditional glue boards, creating a staggering 31.5% increase on a normal catch rate!

The unique Edge Glueboard Fly Killer glue board form provides three features shown to better catch flying insects:

  • The glue board forms edges, proven to be more attractive to flies
  • 30% larger glue area than traditional ‘flat’ glue boards
  • The glue area is equidistant from the UV tube, maximising the useful glue area

Edge Glueboard Fly Killers use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit, then use a glue board to retain the flying insects. As the insect is caught and retained whole, glue board fly killers are ideal for more sensitive environments. Glueboard fly killers are ideal for use in commercial front of house areas, commercial kitchens and industrial food preparation zones.



Unique Patented Glueboard Technology  – Catches 31.5% more flies than traditional glue boards

Swing Down Front Guard  – For simple and quick servicing, with full access to consumable parts.

High efficacy Synergetic UV tubes  – Patented technology with dual wavelength output for an increased catch

Removable service card and debris tray  – Service friendly features for simple quick maintenance

Three way mounting for flexible installation  – Simple wall, ceiling or desk mounting with no extra parts

Independent certification  – Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European Standards

Market leading design – Contemporary British design

Dimensions  – 380mm x 570mm x 110mm

Coverage  – 80m2

Tubes  – 2 x 15 Watt

Weight   5.3kg

Code: ZF105

Glue Board: 1 x glue board for immediate use.

This unit plugs into a standard 240V Australian power point.



Every application is unique, so each situation requires an individual assessment for fly killer siting, however, there are basic principals that should be followed:

  • Recommend enough Electric Fly Killers to cover the area to be protected in line with the recommended coverage guidelines for each model
  • Install Electric Fly Killers away from sources of light competition, such as windows, doors and high powered luminaires
  • Consider sources of heat and airflow, such as heaters / AC units
  • Don’t install Electric Fly Killers directly above sensitive areas, such as food preparation areas
  • Glue board fly killer units should be used in sensitive applications such as food preparation or production areas
  • Consider access for installation and future servicing
  • Wherever possible, Electric Fly Killers should be positioned at 90° to sources of natural light, such as windows, doors and skylights
  • Electric Fly Killers should be positioned in between potential entry points, so as to intercept flying insects before they reach sensitive areas
  • Electric Fly Killers should not be sited either too high or too low in the area to be protected, with an optimum height of around 2m, for most flying insect species


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