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Allure Fly Zapper

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If you want to rid your commercial environment of flying insects than look no further than Pestrol’s new Allure Fly Zapper.

The Allure Fly Zapper attracts flying insects to it through the use of a highly efficient UV light. The UV light leads the insects to an electrical grid where they meet their demise and are caught in a tray to allow hygienic disposal. The Allure Fly Zapper is proven to have a 60% greater efficiency than a traditional fly zapper. This is due to the to highly efficient UV globes and design of the unit.

The Allure Fly Zapper features a patented Z-shaped grid which provides a 20% larger area to ensure the demise of all flying insects in its catchment area. The unit is easily maintained and has been designed with this in mind. The electrical grid, deep catch tray and UV tubes are all easily cleaned and quick to perform maintenance on. Independent testing shows just how effective the Allure Fly Zapper is. The Zapper attracted 448% more flies in a period of time than other traditional models.

Use the Allure Fly Zapper today to maintain your commercial premises.


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The Allure Fly Zapper Features: 

Innovative design – ensuring the maximum output for UV light

Innovative open top design – Maximum possible UV light output for increased efficacy

Unique electrical grid – 20% larger area for greater effeciency

Easy to use catch tray – Large capacity for caught insects

High efficiency Synergetic UV tubes – Patented technology with dual wavelength output for an increased catch

Tool free, swing down front guard – For simple and quick servicing, with full access to consumable parts

Three way mounting for flexible installation – Simple wall, ceiling or desk mounting with no extra parts

Backed by Pestrol’s 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty

Dimensions – 305mm x 590mm x 120mm

Coverage – 120m2

Tubes – 2 x 15 Watt

Weight – 5.2kg



Placement of the Allure is an area that is frequently misunderstood and there are a few simple points to observe.

  1. Firstly the height at which Allure units are to be installed is important in terms of efficiency. As a general rule the higher up they are the less effective. In a working environment the ideal height would be between two and two and a half metres from the ground. At this height the risk of the units being damaged by moving trolleys or forklift trucks is reduced whilst maintaining maximum efficiency. They will also be easier to clean and maintain.

  2. The ideal location is at right angles to the major light source in the room.

  3. Allure units must not be sited so that the light source is obscured (if flying insects cannot see it the unit will not be very effective).

  4. Site between potential entry points and production areas to intercept pests before they reach sensitive areas.

  5. Do not rely on area of coverage of a particular unit as the only criteria for choosing and installing Allure. There are several factors that need to be considered before deciding on the appropriate number and size of units to be installed. These would include the number of entry points including doors, windows and any other openings for instance for pipe work or extractor fans. What is the volume of human traffic through the area to be protected? What would be the normal flying insect population? What is being produced? And where is the facility located? If it is close by a lake or a rubbish tip then there will be a greater risk than if the facility is in the middle of an industrial estate.

  6. Allure should not be installed in areas where they can be affected by air currents. Avoid areas close to air conditioning vents or where draughts may be a problem. This is because flying insects on the whole do not like moving air and units placed in these areas may be less efficient.

  7. Allure units are often placed directly in front of doorways – the logic of the installer being that this is where the insects enter and so they will be more easily caught. In fact this will only encourage insects to enter and make the problem worse. It is better to install  units off to the side of doorways ensuring as much as possible that the light does not shine out of the open door.

  8. Never ever install Allure units directly above a processing line or food preparation area. The Ultra Violet lamps are highly attractive to flying insects and will attract the insects to those areas. Better to install the units away from sensitive areas to attract the insects and kill them away from the critical areas to be protected.

  9. Don’t forget to change the lamps every 12 months – preferably just before the start of the fly season.




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