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Rabbit Trap offer effective solutions for humanely trapping of troublesome rabbits.

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Rabbit Trap

This Pestrol Rabbit Trap offers effective solutions for humanely trapping troublesome Rabbits. Our Pestrol Humane Rabbit Trap is safe for both humans and rabbits. Pestrol is quickly becoming the most trusted name in pest control solutions after providing chemical-free and humane solutions for Australians for over 20 years. All RabbitTraps are built to tough, professional standards and offer the highest quality features including:

  • Size: 66 x 26 x 25
  • Weight: 3.342g
  • Safely captures troublesome Rabbits without injury
  • Extremely simple baiting and operation
  • Unfolds in minutes – no tools required
  • Easy to bait, set and release
  • Double-wire mesh surrounding bait area
  • Super-strong, gravity action door
  • Extra-wide, shielded handle for safe moving of feral cat during transportation
  • Made from a durable galvanised wire with a matte finish for extra strength and corrosion resistance

A variety of popular sizes to fit your needs:

For trapping of possums, we recommend the Pestrol Possum Trap.

For trapping of rats & mice, we recommend the Pestrol humane rat and mice traps.


Quick Assembly Instructions:

The Rabbit Trap arrives pre-assembled and is ready for immediate use. Our focus is to provide you with a way to catch, transport and release your little furry friends.  The most effective way to get rid of wild rabbits:

  • Unfold the Rabbit Trap to erect form
  • Install rear door first by pulling the rear door handle
  • Pull the front door frame into place using the front door latch ring
  • Make sure the door latch is in front of the doorstop plate
  • Attach loop hook and J-Hook



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