Pestrol Flea Trap
Pestrol Flea Trap
Pestrol Flea Trap
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Pestrol Flea Trap – Demo

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Pestrol myFlea Trap is the ultimate, most innovative method of catching fleas in your house. This flea trap monitors and controls flea infestations in your home or business.

It is a portable and a self sufficient modern electrical device that works overnight to have your house cleaned of FLEAS.

This flea trap monitors and controls flea infestations.

NON-Poisonous and 100% Safe for your family and pets. Works on batteries or with an option of AC Adaptor.

Designed to be used indoors or in semi-enclosed, covered areas.

Chemical Free and Environmentally Friendly.

Patented technology with extensive laboratory testing.

The most trusted Flea trap on the market for the past 10 years.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!!!

AC Adapter


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How to get rid of fleas at your place!

This product is brand new – it has been in our showroom and the outer box has faded. Prefer a brand new one – click here

Pestrol Flea trap

Getting rid of fleas has never been easier.Fleas can hide in your clothes, on your pets and in your carpets and rugs, which can make your life very uncomfortable. How to get rid of fleas is a question that many of us ask, chemical-free treatment is the only way to move forward for your pets and yourself. A flea bite is intensely itchy and can cause serious infections by scratching. Professional flea control treatments can cost you thousands of dollars and the chemical sprays can be very harmful to children and pets. Pestrol MyFlea Trap is an electrical device that monitors and controls flea infestations in your home.  Completely Chemical Free, 100% safe and guaranteed to work.

Pestrol My Flea Trap will lure and catches fleas from your carpet overnight and will continue to collect fleas as they emerge in your home.

Pestrol is the most trusted DIY pest control company on both Australia and New Zealand. How to get rid of fleas becomes a question of the past. Once you protect your home and your pets from fleas and flea bites, your pets will thank you for it.



What is included?

1 x Pestrol MyFlea trap, 2 x Adhesive Sheets.

How does it work?

You don’t need spray or chemicals.  The unique intensity and colour of the lights and their on/off lighting pattern attracts the insects and traps them on the disposable adhesive sheet.

You simply set it in the room overnight and wait for the morning to a flea – Free home!!!  The trap will collect fleas off the floors, carpets and furniture.

There is two flea attracting LED’s, operating over 100,000 hours, the adhesive sheet collects over 10,000 Fleas.  Unlike other devices, Pestrol myFlea Trap also catches the fleas offspring (or ‘larvae’). This dramatically reduces the chances of fleas returning to your dog or cat.

Its 100% Safe

How to get rid of fleas has never been easier with our Pestrol MyFlea trap is safe, environmentally conscious and healthy to use around family and pets.

Contains NO Chemicals, the trap simply attracts and catches fleas with a set of a disposable adhesive sheet.  This is the safest way to go!!!




  • Based on Kansas State University Patented Technology

  • Laboratory Testing

  • 40 Feet Range (12 Meters)

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Cordless

  • Lightweight and portable.

  • Easy for storage

  • Wireless Operation

  • AC adaptor plugs into any standard household outlet for convenience and portability.

  • Various operating modes.



  • The trap will attract fleas in the room it is located.  It is best operated in the darkened areas.

  • Insert Batteries or plug in the AC Adapter

  • Open the trap and lift the green tray.

  • Remove plastic film off the adhesive sheet and replace the green tray.

  • Place the trap adjacent to the wall or in the corner while facing the room.

  • Chose an operation mode.

                           Middle – Energy saving Mode (Operates in dark conditions only)

                           Far Right – On – LED Operates constantly.



Why is it effective?

Pestrol MyFlea Trap uses 2 attracting LED lights which has unique operating pattern and wavelength that attracts fleas. It then uses adhesive sheets to catch them

What are fleas?

Fleas are small insects sized between 1 and 8mm.  They are external parasites which feed off the blood of humans and animals such as dogs and cats.

How can I tell if my pet has fleas?

Most common indication would be pets that scratch and groom themselves repeatedly.   You will also notice hair loss and bumps around the neck and head for cats and lower back for dogs.

In most cases, the fleas are very small (sand grain size) that move through the pet’s fur.

How long does it take to work?

Pestrol myFlea Trap will work overnight, while you sleep and will continue to collect fleas as they emerge in your home.

How long does the Refill last?

Approximately 6-8 weeks depeding on investation.

Why buy from us?

Pestrol MyFlea trap is the best flea trap on the market with laboratory testing .  Great modern design that fits in any room without being a visual menace.

How long is my Warranty?

Pestrol provides 12 months Warranty on all our products.




Power:4 x AA batteries or AC Adapter

Size: 27 x 29 x 5cm
Weight: 418g

Settings:Energy Saving (night time only), 24 hours.



LED’s do not light up:

  1. Ensure operating switch is in “I” or “A” position

  2. If you are operating using AC Adaptor, check the connections between the electrical cable and the outlet, and between the electric cable and socket.

  3. If you are using internal power supply, make sure to replace batteries before they wear out.



Completely safe in your home

With Pestrol myFleaTrap you can rest easy knowing that your family and pets are not being exposed to any toxins. The device requires no spraying – and contains no pesticides what so ever.

Proven scientific results

Extensive laboratory testing performed at several universities (including Kansas State University) compared myFleaTrap to other flea traps, and found it to be the most efficient way to get rid of fleas.

It works while you sleep

Pestrol myFleaTrap performs its magic without you. It quietly catches the fleas in the room while you and your family sleep peacefully.

Cordless, light and portable

Pestrol myFleaTrap is cordless, light, and easy to carry and store. You simply pull it out when you need it and place it back when the job is done.

Catches everything

The trap attracts fleas off floors, carpets and furniture. And unlike other devices, Pestrol myFleaTrap also catches the fleas’ offspring (or ‘larvae’). This dramatically reduces the likelihood of fleas returning to your dog or cat.

Smart, one-of-a-kind technology

When placed in a dark room, myFleaTrap projects unique lighting that attracts insects and traps them on a disposable adhesive sheet. The intensity and colour of the lights, and their on/off pattern, is what makes it work.

Runs on batteries or you can purchase the optional AC adaptor.

Modern design

How to get rid of fleas is now easier than ever with the myFleaTrap. Including a modern design that allows it to be placed in any room. Runs on 4 x AA Batteries included.


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