Pests Around The Home – What to be Aware of

All countries have their share of “pests” which can take up residence in homes or in gardens and become a serious nuisance. Most of the time these pests are annoying, but they can also pose a health risk or cause people to be concerned for their safety. Australia has its own challenges, but Pestrol has a suitable solution to many common pest problems. We will start by describing the type of pest that people commonly encounter and then talk about Pestrol’s affordable do it yourself pest control solutions:


There are over 140 species of land snakes in Australia, with many venomous varieties to be found near homes and residential areas. Although snake bites are relatively rare, one should not take chances with the possibility that they might encounter a dangerous snake in the comfort of their own yard. The good news is that snakes are not aggressive and would rather flee than fight. The Pestrol Snake Away is an effective repellent device. It is solar operated and effective to a 30 meter circumference from the location where you place the stake. The stake vibrates and sends out warning sounds to snakes in the area causing snakes to slither away harmlessly, without coming anywhere near your home. These handy snake repellers can be set up in a line to form a barrier around your property line, keeping snakes away from your home and providing your family with reliable protection. These devices are constructed from aluminium and are waterproof.


Mice and rats are opportunists and will take up residence in your home if they find a suitable food source. Easy meals and a warm place to sleep encourage these vermin to move in and start multiplying beyond reason. You may not even notice that you have a problem until you start to see chewed food containers and faecal droppings around your home. Once you see these, you should take action immediately because there are probably dozens of these critters scurrying around in the background already.

Pestrol Rodent Free is a repellent device that emits electronic vibrations and sounds that drive rodents away. These come in a variety of sizes and strengths, but the main thing to remember is to turn the device on to ensure it is working. Once mice and rats move in, you will have to remove the existing residents and discourage future critters from moving in. Poison is generally used by many people, but it can be extremely dangerous even in small quantities. Pestrol live rodent traps are a good way to eliminate rodents by trapping them live and in large amounts. You will need to empty the traps a fair distance from your home to prevent these creatures from returning and moving back in.

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Sitting outside in the warm summer evening is a favourite activity for many. The main problem is that as dusk sets in you may find yourself being “eaten alive” by mosquitos. Aside from being itchy from bites, many diseases are carried by mosquitoes which can be dangerous or fatal. Some of the diseases that are commonly transmitted include Australian encephalitis, Barmah Forest Virus Disease, Malaria, Ross River virus disease and Dengue Fever. There are over 300 different types of mosquito in Australia. Perhaps you simply go inside rather than become a meal for these insects, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Take back your summer evening enjoyment with Pestrol Outdoor Mosquito traps. These traps attract mosquitos, keeping them away from you by emitting carbon dioxide which is what attracts mosquitos to people in the first place.

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Pestrol Bird Away

Rabbits, Cats & Dogs

There really is nothing worse than having a pest animal that continues to come over to your home from a neighbour’s house or from nearby bush. Rabbits can make short work of any type of garden that you have been cultivating while dogs can dig things up and cats can poop in your garden. Possums tend to burrow under your home or move into your attic and can make a lot of extremely loud noise that can be disturbing and annoying, and may keep you awake at night. Pestrol Animal Away is a gentle approach to the problem of unwanted pest animals in your yard. This device operates on solar energy so it does not require any electricity at all. Simply place the device in a sunny location and it will work to keep those unwanted intruders away from your yard, home and garden. This ultrasonic device is waterproof so it will withstand most types of weather. The device is motion activated so you won’t have to worry about constantly checking to see if the unit is charged and operational.

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Some birds like to nest in roofs or in any small crevice that they can find within your home. What can you do to keep birds away from your house? One good alternative is to provide small wooden birdhouses a safe distance away from your home, because birds will definitely choose those over your house if they are available. Once birds nest in your home, they will return year after year to raise a new family. What can you do to stop this? Pestrol Electronic Bird Repellers are one way to prevent birds from returning. They will not like the sounds that this device emits and they certainly will not want to raise their family next to this annoying noise. Pestrol Bird Spikes prevent roosting birds from sitting on the top of your home’s roof. These spikes make it impossible for birds to land or to sit on the edge of the roofline and can be placed where you have been experiencing a problem with birds landing.  Read more about Controlling Birds On Your Property.

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There are numerous household pests to be aware of and some are obvious, such as cockroaches and rodents. There is another pest that can cause problems though, despite being considerably more cute that your average roach, and that’s the possum.

So, why are possums a problem?

For example, if you have decorative plants or a vegetable patch in your backyard, possums will be attracted to these and make a complete mess of them. They can also find their way up into the eaves and possibly even into the roof cavity of your home, where they are not only noisy, but can cause damage to the house, electrical fittings and so on. Possums can also bring ticks and fleas into the house.

You can either try to repel or capture possums that are causing havoc in and around your home. Humane possum traps will trap the possum unharmed, where it can then be relocated well away from your property.

You could also install electronic pest repellers out in your yard. These are motion activated and will emit an ultrasonic sound and powerful strobe lights, both of which possums hate. The possum will be scared off your property and be reluctant to return.

Possums are a protected species, so never consider poison as a pest control option for possums.

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Pestrol Pest Control solutions has a wide variety of devices suitable for just about any pest situation that you may be experiencing. We are happy to offer many products that are perfect for most situations that home owners must deal with when it comes to getting rid of unwanted pests.

Pests Around The Home - What to be Aware of

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