Common Summer Pests In Australia

Like spring and flowering bushes, summer and pests seem to go hand in hand. The warm temperatures and increased humidity during the summer period provides the ideal conditions for pests to reproduce causing their populations to increase significantly. Although summer is everyone’s favourite time of year, the multitude of pests that accompany it can cause […]

Flea Treatment

Just like mosquitoes and sand flies, fleas are highly annoying insects that love to bite and suck your blood. Fleas are generally found on dogs and cats and make their way into our homes by attaching themselves to our pets as hosts. The thing is, they don’t remain on their “hosts”, only hopping on when […]

Cockroaches As Pests: Signs, Symptoms, Prevention and Control

What is a cockroach’s lifecycle? How do you prevent a cockroach infestation? How do you control cockroaches? Cockroaches are dangerous pests to have at home or at your business premises. They contaminate food and surfaces causing diseases such as gastroenteritis, dysentery, and salmonella. Additionally, cockroaches secrete an allergen known as tropomyosin that triggers allergic reactions […]