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What are the most effective mosquito repellents?

Most effective mosquito repellents. In this article, we will look into different options on what are the most effective mosquito repellents for outside and inside your home.   A little bit about mosquitoes.   Do you know there are more than 3,000 mosquito species around the world?  Only the female mosquito will feed on blood which […]

Mosquitoes As Pests: Signs, Symptoms, Prevention and Control

What is the diet of a mosquito? What is a mosquito’s life-cycle? How do you prevent and control mosquito infestations? Traps for outdoor mosquito control Stubborn mosquitoes can make it difficult for you to enjoy peace and tranquillity at home. Mosquitoes bite painfully and make an irritating noise as they fly making it very difficult […]

Insect Repellent Clothing: Effective protection From Biting Insects

When you want or need to be outdoors and there are thousands of pesky, blood hungry insects, you can protect yourself with a unique product, insect repellent clothing.  These items of clothing are designed to repel a variety of insects that would otherwise make being outside unbearable, especially at certain times of the day.  Many […]