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The Best Mosquito Traps and How They Work

Best mosquito traps

In Australia, particularly in summer, mosquitoes are a constant problem. They breed and flourish in the Australian climate and can really affect our lifestyle if their numbers are not controlled. There are a number of ways to control the mosquito population around you and your home environment, from insect repellents to mosquito traps.

There are many different models and designs of mosquito traps on the market, so the choices can be somewhat confusing regarding what’s the best for your circumstances. Whatever model you choose, all have been formulated to act as effective and safe traps for mosquitoes. In this guide, we’ll be going through the best mosquito traps on the market and explaining how they work. This way you’ll be able to make more informed choices when making a purchase.

But first, a little more information about mosquito traps.

There are different techniques in capturing mosquitoes: such as light traps, Ultrasonic Traps, as well as traps that are supplemented with CO2, as carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes into the trap.

Mosquito Traps are routinely used by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, in surveillance programs in many regions in the world and are the most common method in collecting adult mosquitoes.


There are hundreds of different types of Mosquitoes in Australia and they are attracted to different things.  For example, with Anopheles Hyrcanusm, the traps for these types of mosquitoes are less efficient, as they are more attracted by lactic acid. That’s just one example.


Table of Contents

The Principle of Capturing Mosquitoes by Trap

What Is the Deadliest Hunter of Human Beings?

Mozzie Assassin – The Indoor Electronic Mosquito Trap

Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Mosquito Control Trap

Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap

Bug Eater Outdoor Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Eater – Mosquito Killer Trap

Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap

Mozzie Free Premium Mosquito Trap

Solar Ultrasonic Mosquito Trap

Magna Indoor Mosquito Trap

Solar Mosquito Trap – Large Area Insect Control


The Principle of Capturing Mosquitoes by Trap Mosquitoes can easily find a person by sensing the carbon dioxide and temperature that a person emits. They can also react to ultraviolet rays.  A lot of mosquito traps, such as the Exterminator Mosquito Trap, use these properties and can capture mosquitoes both in bright indoors and dark outdoors by a tripartite system.

When mosquitoes enter the trap through the capture window, they are drawn into the capture chamber on the lower part, where they dehydrate and die.

It is absolutely harmless to the environment, people, livestock and pets, as it is insecticide-free.



What Is the Deadliest Hunter of Human Beings?

You’ve probably already guessed it because of the subject of this post. The deadliest hunter of human beings is the mosquito, a tiny insect that can potentially cause so much damage and wreak havoc on the human race by spreading disease and parasites.

It’s estimated that a population of more than 100 trillion mosquitoes threaten 4 billion people a year with 700,000 human deaths attributed to being killed by mozzies annually.

Those are massive figures, so controlling the mosquito population goes way beyond just eradicating this biting insect because it’s annoying when you’re trying to have a barbecue or when you’re trying to sleep at night.

Mosquitoes have the potential to be killers, or at the very least, make you very ill.

Let’s now take a look at some common mosquito traps on the market and how they work.

Mozzie Assassin – The Indoor Electronic Mosquito Trap

Some mosquito traps are designed to be used outdoors to help prevent mosquitoes from entering the home or to make the outdoor environment more bearable. Mozzie Assassin, however, is designed to trap mosquitoes that have found their way inside your house.

The size of Mozzie Assassin is small and perfect for areas in the home like bedrooms. You can even choose from 5 fun colours to suit your decor. The choice is yours.

This model is non-toxic and has no odour. It works in eradicating mosquitoes without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Dead mosquitoes get trapped in a tray located at the bottom of the device, so it’s very easy to clean.

This is how Mozzie Assassin works: it emits an LED that simulates human body temperature. Mosquitoes are attracted by this and lured to the container. There is no zapping and no sounds. The mosquitoes are simply lured into the trap, where they are contained until they die. This makes Mozzie Assassin perfect for indoor use.

The device is small and weighs less than a kilogram. To get the most out of this trap, place it in the darkroom and make sure that the windows are closed.  Have it running a few hours before any people get into the room so as not to distract mosquitoes with human scent.  Make sure to clean the capturing chamber on regular basis to get rid of dead mosquito scent. Try to find the source where mosquitoes are gaining entry into your property, such as your bathroom and drains and place the trap in the room where you believe they first enter.

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Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Mosquito Control Trap

The Dominator model offers protection outdoors for up to one acre. That’s massive coverage for a mosquito control trap.

It’s very simple and safe to use and is rated as one of the very best outdoor mosquito traps on the market. With the Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Mosquito Control Trap protecting your yard, you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

This is how the Dominator works to control mosquitoes outside. Employing a combination of heat, colour and black light, this lures the mosquitoes into the trap, where an air-actuated gate system allows the mosquitoes entry. Specially designed flaps inside trap the mosquitoes so they can’t fly back out.

Shaded and sheltered areas are best when deciding where to place this model of a mosquito trap. Mosquitoes try to avoid direct sunlight and wind, so you’ll want to locate the trap in an area that gets the best results. Once you’ve determined the likely spot where mosquitoes populate, place the trap at some point between that spot and where people congregate the most when outdoors. It’s best if it’s as close to the source as possible for optimum results.

Not only is the Dominator a fantastic mosquito trap to use around the home, but it’s also perfect for daycare centres, hospitals, restaurants and many other areas outdoors. It can even be used to protect livestock on farms and in rural areas.

Weighing in at 3kg, the Dominator runs on 240-volt power and has a 3-metre power cord.

Tip and Trick to get the best results:

  1. Place the Dominator Mosquito Trap away from where you usually entertain, that way mosquitoes will be drawn away from you, instead of towards you if you have the trap near you.
  2. Clean the Trap regularly of dead mosquitoes.
  3. Use boosters to increase the lure of the mosquito.

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Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap


If you want to enjoy the outdoors during mosquito season, you’ll want to consider the Exterminator Mosquito Trap. Not only is it effective against mosquitoes, but many other annoying flying insects as well.

This is a very economical form of mosquito trap that’s easy to install and doesn’t rely on propane or other expensive refills to lure mosquitoes. In fact, although it’s an outdoor model, it’s perfectly safe to use the Exterminator indoors as well, as no chemicals are emitted into the environment.  However, please be aware that the fan on the Exterminator Mosquito Trap is a bit loud, so this trap would not work in a bedroom.

How it works is this. A UV fluorescent bulb that produces a warm light is used to attract insects to the trap. Inside the trap is a funnel coated in titanium dioxide which produces carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes and other bugs are highly attracted to carbon dioxide. Once lured into the trap and to the funnel, a vacuum fan sucks the mosquitoes into a holding cage where they are trapped and die. It’s very efficient and effective at controlling the mosquito population wherever you choose to use the Exterminator.

Another interesting point about this model of mosquito trap is that it also sterilises and purifies the air due to what’s known as a TiO2 effect. There are no pollutants produced by the Exterminator, so it’s environmentally friendly and safe for both humans and pets. It’s also extremely low-maintenance and whisper-quiet when operating.

It runs on 240 volts and weighs 2kg.

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Bug Eater Outdoor Mosquito Trap

The Bug Eater Mosquito Trap is designed for outdoor use in the control of mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Having this model in your backyard will help you enjoy your outdoor living space without the threat of being eaten alive by insects and mozzies.

It runs on mains power with a 1.8-metre cord and uses an 8 watt, UV blacklight to attract insects for up to 1km in any direction. There is a tray at the bottom of the Bug Eater that you fill with soapy water. The idea of the detergent is to break the surface tension of the water. When mosquitoes and other insects get attracted by the black light, a powerful fan then blows them into the tray, where they sink below the water’s surface and drown.

A really cool thing about the Bug Eater model is that it can be used in all weather conditions. With a bracket supplied, it can be attached to the side of the house, a post, a tree or can even be free-standing.

It’s effective against moths, sandflies, midges and other flying insects as well as mosquitoes. Once again, it’s perfectly safe and environmentally friendly in its operation. Not only can you use it at home, but it’s suitable for schools, agriculture, resorts, workplaces and more.

Another thing to consider with this model and other mosquito traps is they not only kill mosquitoes, but they also help prevent mosquitoes from reproducing by killing the males.

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Mosquito Eater – Mosquito Killer Trap


Designed specifically for Australian conditions, the Mosquito Eater protects you outdoors, attracting mosquitoes with a coverage of half an acre. Whether you use it in your backyard when enjoying a barbecue, outdoors at work, or even on a farm, the Mosquito Eater will keep everyone protected from disease-carrying mosquitoes and other flying pests.

How does the Mosquito Eater work?

It actually has 4 ways of luring and capturing mosquitoes. Firstly, a warm blue light is what’s used to attract mosquitoes and other insects to the trap. Secondly, the trap is coated in TiO2, which creates carbon dioxide to attract mozzies. Mosquitoes home in on CO2, which is how they find humans to feed on. At the bottom of the trap is a water tray to emulate a mosquito breeding ground. When mosquitoes and bugs enter the trap, a powerful vacuum fan then sucks them into a dry storage compartment. The insects eventually dehydrate and die.

Even wasps, hornets and midges are attracted to this trap, so other biting and stinging insects in your yard or garden will be eradicated along with mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Eater hangs on a handy stand for easy positioning anywhere in the yard. The unit stands at 1.1 metres tall and consumes only 15 watts of electricity, so very economical.

For best results, place the Mosquito Eater away from other light sources. If using it in the daytime, position it in a shaded area and not too close to where people are eating or congregating.

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Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap


Utilising bionic mosquito trapping technology, the Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap is perfectly safe for all the family, including your beloved pets. This trap doesn’t require the use of any harmful pesticides or chemicals. It’s whisper-quiet operation ensures a peaceful and bug-free night’s sleep for everyone in the home.

The Sleep Easy model lures mosquitoes to the trap by using UV LED lights that mosquitoes are attracted to. Equipped with a powerful vacuum fan, the mozzies are sucked into a retaining tray where they dehydrate and then perish. It’s simple in design, yet very effective at eradicating mosquitoes.

Made from silicone which is totally harmless, even to babies, the Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap also doubles as a night light, with the colourful LED lights creating a soft ambience. The trap also comes with a sundown sensor, so it switches on automatically at night time.

It’s perfect for bedrooms, the study, home office, nursery and more. After using this trap for several days, you’ll notice a massive drop in the mosquito population in your home. The darker the room, the better the results will be. You may even want to place the trap in damp areas, such as the laundry or bathroom for a few hours, as mosquitoes tend to congregate in these places.

The Sleep Easy is economical both in price and operation and is the perfect solution for indoor mosquito control.

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Mozzie Free Premium Mosquito Trap


Made from high-quality stainless steel and built tough for Aussie conditions, the Mozzie Free Premium Mosquito Trap gets proven results. It may be small in size, but it gets the job done. This model is one of the best DIY mosquito control solutions available.

With its stylish antique design and availability in 3 colours, this mosquito trap looks stunning as well as is effective in the fight to reduce mosquito populations around your home. All you have to do is plug it into a power socket so you can enjoy spending time outdoors, having a barbecue or simply relaxing under the stars at night.

Not only is it effective against mosquitoes and culling their numbers and breeding cycle, the Mozzie Free model also eradicates other flying insect pests as well.

How it works. A warm and bright UV light attracts mosquitoes and other insects to the trap. Along with the UV light, CO2 is produced by the trap, another substance that mozzies find alluring. A powerful vacuum fan then forces the mosquitoes into a holding cage and, like with some other traps, the mosquitoes eventually dehydrate and die.

It protects for up to a quarter of an acre and runs on 240 volts of power.

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Solar Ultrasonic Mosquito Trap


A highly environmentally-friendly mosquito trap on several levels, the Solar Ultrasonic Mosquito Trap is both powered by the sun and doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides to reduce mosquito problems, no matter where you choose to use it. Not only does it trap adult mosquitoes, but it controls mosquito larvae as well.

Mosquito traps of any kind are not an instant fix to a mosquito problem, but when traps are used consistently, the mosquito population in and around your home or workplace will be drastically reduced over time.

There are several ways mosquitoes are lured into the Ultrasonic Mosquito Trap. Firstly, A Motion Blue LED solar-powered light attracts these pesky insects. Another way mosquitoes are attracted to the trap is by a pool of water located at the bottom of the trap. This simulates a mosquito breeding ground, as these insects are attracted to stagnant water. The dark colours of the trap also help to draw in mosquitoes.

Once mosquitoes are in the trap and laying their eggs in the pool of water, they are killed off by the acoustic ultrasonic sounds the trap produces. These sounds resonate air within the mosquito, rupturing its tissue and organs.

For a mosquito trap that’s so environmentally friendly, it’s super deadly and effective against mosquitoes and works consistently to reduce their numbers and interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle.

If you want to enjoy some outdoor time at any time of the day or night at your home, then you’ll seriously want to consider purchasing a Solar Ultrasonic Mosquito Trap. It really is one of the most cost-effective and efficient mosquito traps on the market in Australia and New Zealand.

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Magna Indoor Mosquito Trap

This indoor mosquito trap is available in two colours: Black and white. It’s suited for large internal rooms such as the living room, kitchen or dining area, but can be highly effective in bedrooms as well, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. Keeping the mosquito population at bay is all about comfort and protection against disease.

Equipped with warm light, this attracts mosquitoes to the trap, where a powerful vacuum fan then sucks the insects into a storage chamber that’s removable and extremely easy to clean. After some time trapped in the storage chamber, the mosquitoes die off.

The Magna Indoor Mosquito Trap works from dusk until dawn and turns on automatically when the sun goes down. This helps to guarantee that your home is protected against these biting insects, as you don’t even have to remember to switch the unit on.

This indoor trap doesn’t rely on chemicals or pesticides. It’s completely non-toxic, safe to use, environmentally friendly and quiet.

If you’re looking for a top-quality mosquito trap at a very reasonable price, then the Magna Indoor Mosquito Trap is worth checking out.

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Solar Mosquito Trap – Large Area Insect Control


Designed specifically for commercial applications, the large area insect control Solar Mosquito Trap is the perfect solution for protecting crops and vast parcels of land. If you have a really large backyard, then this is the model of choice for mosquito control for residential purposes.

Not only does this solar model reduce the annoying mosquito population, it also reduces the prevalence of other flying insects that can destroy crops on farms, which is why this model is perfect for agricultural purposes.

Powered by the sun, electricity is produced by the solar panels that charge a Li-ion battery. While the sun charges the unit by day, the Solar Mosquito Trap comes to life at night and gets to work controlling the mosquito and flying insect populations.  The unit automatically switches on at dusk and remains active until dawn.

Illuminated by a bright LED light that attracts insects, mosquitoes then fly into the trap and collide with a transparent board inside. At the bottom of the trap and a container filled with water. Once the mosquitoes and other insects crash into the transparent board, they fall into the water and die. There is also a fan that sucks smaller insects through a funnel and down into the water.

This is a big unit weighing in at 11kg without water in the compartment. It’s been designed to be able to trap a high volume of mosquitoes and other flying insects over a vast expanse of land.

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The fight against mosquitoes doesn’t have to rely on toxic chemicals or pesticides. Most mosquito traps don’t rely on chemicals of any kind and are very safe for people and pets, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Pestrol stocks one of the very best ranges of mosquito traps designed specifically for Australian conditions. For further information or to determine the best mosquito trap for your needs, give us a call and have a chat with our staff today.



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