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Top 10 Tips For Outdoor Mosquito Problems

Mosquito Solutions

Top 10 Tips for Outdoor
Mosquito Problems

Summer is just around the corner, and for a lot of frustrated Australians, mosquitos are on their way too because this time of year is their breeding season. This is when the weather is hot, and flowers start to bloom, which can soon turn your home into a “Mozzy paradise.”  Read about some of the ways you can control mozzies outdoors this summer.

Even though all mosquitos do not carry diseases, many of them transmit dangerous ones like Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Zika. Mosquitos usually feed off birds, but humans are their favorite mammals, especially when they want to gift our skin several annoying and painfully itchy bites. The bites from mosquitos are not generally dangerous, but they lead to secondary infections if you scratch too hard. Unless you can construct a radioactive protection dome tent around your home, you need to take regular action to keep mosquitos at bay. Candles and coils are not enough to deter them, so you need to think of other methods for your family’s comfort. Here are some cost-effective tips on how you can prevent these blood-sucking insects from ruining your life. Some of these include chemical-free solutions so that you can always keep your children and pets safe.

Use Mosquito Traps 

Mosquito traps are exceptionally effective when it comes to luring mosquitos like a moth to a flame. They work continuously and destroy larvae, like your personal exterminator. Pestrol’s outdoor dominator mosquito control trap can protect up to one acre of your property from annoying mozzies. They are potent lures using heat, blacklight, and colour, that attract mosquitos and eliminate them once and for all. You should keep these traps away from places where your kids or pets can get to. The best places to keep these mosquito traps are in shaded areas because mosquitos avoid sunlight and strong winds. 

Spray Some Magic

For instant results, nothing beats the right insect spray. The ones available in supermarkets are not as effective because they last a very short time. Many of them also contain strong chemicals that can cause respiratory issues. 

 Pestrol Ultra is a spray dispenser that is made from natural Pyrethrins. It is also biodegradable and kills mosquitos within moments. It works automatically, so you do not have to think about it after installation. The battery-operated dispensers will do their job, and you will spend your summers wondering, “Mosquitos? Where? I haven’t seen any!” All you need to do is switch on the dispenser when your mates are over during a barbecue party, and it will release a gentle mist in the air that no one will even notice, because it works so discreetly. 

Get A Roll-on Repellent

Even though summer in Australia is brutal, there is no escaping the great outdoors. You might have a construction job or need to walk the dog down the street. Having a repellent spray handy can make every outdoor activity a comfortable experience despite the temperatures. You will never have to worry about coming home covered in red bites that never stop itching. 

 Pestrol’s Mosi-guard roll-on repellent is made from Citriodiol, which is a natural chemical extracted from lemon eucalyptus oil. This protects you for a minimum of eight hours, unlike the cheap quality products you find in most general stores. If you love using products made from natural and renewable resources, this is the most practical asset for any Australian family to avoid getting attacked by those pesky insects. 

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitos lay eggs in water, and they do only need a lot of it to reproduce. In under ten days, those eggs turn into adult mozzies, and this becomes the most irritating never-ending cycle. Eliminating standing water is the first step to getting rid of any mosquitoes that will use your outdoor space as a breeding ground. If you have plant saucers, birdbaths, dog bowls, wading pools, buckets, or anything that holds water and has been left outside, you should empty it out before it attracts every mosquito in town. In case you have a swimming pool or water that cannot be drained, you can treat it with chlorine and maintain a clean filter. 

Clean the Gutters

If your gutters are filled with any debris, they will not drain properly. By cleaning those gutters, you ensure that water will not pool and create an unwelcoming breeding habitat. While you are at it, fix your door screens and any holes in windows too. Otherwise, all those mosquitos from outside will get inside your home in no time. 

Throw Away Junk

If you store a lot of items in your garden or backyard that you do not need, especially those that hold any water, throw them out. Mosquito season is no time to become a hoarder, and old items can retain water while providing a sheltered and warm environment that these insects love. Old tires are the most notorious culprit when it comes to this. If you have an old tire that you are still using as a swing or other purpose, drill a hole in the bottom so that water droplets can drain through. 

Tie Those Tarps Tight

You probably love Sunday barbecues and have an outdoor grill that is covered with a tarp. Make sure that this tarp is tied correctly and is tight enough to prevent any water from entering on a rainy day. Any large items, such as firewood or a speedboat, should be covered with a tarp, and if you cannot pull it tight enough, remove it so that all the water can drain properly. 

Wear More Clothes

Summers in Australia are scorching, and most people enjoy wearing singlets and shorts because who can blame them? If you love relaxing playing guitar on the front porch in the evening while drinking beer with mates, make sure to wear long sleeves even if it hurts. Avoid wearing a part of thongs and opt for closed shoes instead. This way, you are reducing the chances of getting bitten by mosquitos because your skin is not directly exposed to their drooling eyes. Or try insect repellent clothing

Drink Less Beer

Drinking beer can make you more appealing to mosquitos. Japanese researchers discovered that drinking a single beer can make them attracted to you. This is because alcohol raises the body temperature to make you sweat more, which becomes a magnet for these pests. When you crack open a fresh beer or soft drink, Carbon dioxide oozes out of it immediately, and that attracts mozzies even if they are over a hundred feet away. Avoid these drinks if you are outside and switch to Iced Tea or other non-carbonated beverages instead. 

Use Antibacterial Soap

Mosquitos thrive on chemicals in the air and any bacteria that grows on people’s skin. If you wash your body regularly with antibacterial soap, you can kill these bacteria to avoid attracting pests. This way, they will be less motivated to sit on your skin and painfully sting you because antibacterial soap is not delicious enough for them.  

Still struggling with mozzies outside? Try our mosquito control products.

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