Mosquito Traps have become a very popular way of dealing with Mosquito Control in many Australian homes. The need to use mosquito catching devices are important to reduce the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes in your backyard. It has proven that mosquitoes don’t fly more than 100 metres from where they were born. The majority of our mosquito traps are designed specifically to attract the mozzies to a light where they get sucked into a dry storage chamber. The best time to catch mosquitoes is at dusk and dawn. Placing the mosquito trap away from the home or in a shaded area will provide the best results.

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    Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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    Intelligent light control mosquito trap to give you a good night sleep.

    • NO Chemical and NO Pesticides
    • 100% SAFE around family, children, and pets
    • Bionic Mosquito-trapping
    • LED night light and ambient light
    • Quiet fan operation
    • 30 Day money back guarantee
    • USB Power Supply
    • Sundown Sensor
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  • Pestrol Indoor Electronic Mosquito Trap
    Pestrol indoor mosquito trap
    Pestrol Assassin Mozzie control

    Mozzie Assassin. Indoor Mosquito Trap

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
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    • NO Chemicals, NO Pesticides
    • LED light coating with titanium dioxide
    • Quiet Operation
    • Safe around family and pets
    • 30 Day money back guarantee and 1 Year Warranty
    • Designed in Australia

    For indoor use, suitable for:

    • Homes                  Offices
    • Kitchens               Restaurants
    • Schools                 Hospitals
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  • mosquito trap
    Pestrol outdoor exterminator mosquito trap
    Pestrol outdoor exterminator

    Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator: Mosquito Trap

    Rated 4.40 out of 5
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    Enjoy the outdoors more by being Mosquito Free.

    • Purifies and sterilizes air through TiO2 effect
    • Titanium dioxide-coated funnel
    • Covers 120sqm
    • 30 Day Money back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty

    Works for:

    • Mosquitoes                               Moths
    • Yellow Jacket                           Asian Beetles

    Suitable for:

    • Homes                                      Gardens
    • Hotels                                       Farm Buildings
    • Cattle Sheds                            Livestock Farms
    • Restaurant/Bars                     School
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  • Sale! Mosquito Killer

    Terminator Mosquito Killer and Trap

    Rated 4.60 out of 5
    $199.90 $169.90
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    The latest in Outdoor Mosquito Protection: New for the summer of 2016-17

    The Terminator outdoor mosquito control product that includes:

    • weatherproof
    • coverage: 2000m2
    • Huge catchment for insect collection
    • The powerful fan sucks annoying insects into holding catchment.
    • Eco-friendly
    • Chemical Free
    • CO2 photocatalyst process (imitates human breath)
    • 360 degree UV light to attract mosquitoes, moths, midges and other stinging insects.
    • Rapid Action Terminator Lure – Strong Mosquito Attractant
    • Heat generator for attracting mosquitoes.
    • Coloured to simulated a perfect breeding environment.
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  • mosquito lure
    mosquito lure

    Pestrol Outdoor Dominator Mosquito Trap

    Rated 4.50 out of 5
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    • Largest and the most powerful Pestrol Mosquito Trap
    • Protects up to 1 Acre
    • Pesticide and odour free
    • No zapping or buzzing
    • 3-way protection
    • Ti02 Titanium dioxide – coated surface
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Works for:

    • Mosquitoes                  Moths
    • Yellow Jacket              Asian Beetles

    Suitable For:

    • Homes                                Garden
    • Hotels                                 Farm Buildings
    • Cattle Shed                        Livestock Farms
    • Restaurants                       School
    • Industrial Sites                  Mining Sites
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  • bug zap light
    insect zapping light
    bug zapping light

    Bug Zap Light for zapping flying insects.

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
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    Mosquito Light

    • 3 Modes to choose
    • Safe and Chemical Free
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Long life span and economical
    • Wide Application
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Pestrol Bug Light is electrically approved for Australia.

    Bulk Buy

    $26.50 per unit$23.50 per unit$19.90 per unit
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  • Mosquito larvae control in Australia
    Mosquito larvae control in Australia
    Control mosquitoes by capturing larvae with our new mosquito trap

    Pestrol Mozzie Collector 4 Pack

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    Control Mosquitoes in your back property with the new Pestrol Mozzie Collector Traps.

    Effectively controls mosquitoes that can spread deadly diseases.

    Scientifically proven to be 99% effective at eliminating the mosquito population.

    Safe for your family and Pets

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  • portable mosquito trap
    outside mosquito catcher
    mozzie control product Australia
    Portable Mosquito Trap
  • solar mosquito zapper
    solar mosquito zapper
    mozzie zapper
    solar australian mosquito trap
    solar mosquito trap
    garden mosquito remover
    mosquito control
    solar powered mosquito control
    mosquito removal
    control mosquitoes with our solar powered mosquito trap

    Solar Mosquito Zapper

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    from: $79.90
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    Summer is a favourite time of year for most Australian’s, unfortunately it is the favourite time of year for mosquitoes as well.

    This Summer don’t leave yourself and your family to get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

    The Solar Mosquito Zapper is an economical and highly effective mosquito trap that will be a welcome addition to your household. Use it on it’s own or in addition to our premium Dominator, Exterminator and Terminator models to ensure full protection from mosquitoes.

    Keep it in the backyard or take it camping! This unit is highly effective and will help save your family from mosquitoes not only this Summer but all year round.

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  • solar mosquito trap
    field insect killer trap explained
    the large field insect killer
    agricultural insect killer

    Solar Mosquito Trap – Large Area Insect Control

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    The Pestrol Solar Insect Crop Protector is a new design for commercial application with highly effect killing insect system.

    With a new and highly advanced LED light that runs of the inbuilt quality solar panels that store the power through the Li-ion battery collection system. The unit will light up from Dusk till Dawn to attract insects so that they crash into the  transparent board.  The Solar insect killer bottom is fulled with water. The insect will enter into the water and die.

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Mosquitoes are considered to be the most dangerous of insects due to their ability to spread germs and disease. They can also be very aggravating through their bites which can develop uncontrollable itching.

Mosquito Symptoms + Quick facts

  • The live span of a mosquito is about 2 weeks.
  • Only the female mosquito bites, to ensure enough protein is absorbed to help with egg development.
  • Mosquitoes die in cooler weather. Eggs can lay dormant through the winter only to hatch when the temperatures start to increase.
  • Mosquitoes dont have teeth.
  • Mosquitoes are considered to be in the top 5 reasons people dont get a good night sleep.

Pestrol’s Mosquito Trap Products

  • Indoor Mosquito Traps – whisper quiet operation
  • Outdoor Mosquito Traps
    • Rechargeable / Portable
    • For varying backyard sizes.
  • Commercial Mosquito Traps
    • Solar powered Crop Protection Insect Traps
  • Mosquito Larvae Traps – Killing the eggs before they hatch.