The Benefits of Electronic Pest Control Devices

What are the Pest Control Methods?

Why Electronic Pest Control Devices are a Great Choice for Pest Control?

Eradicating pests from your environment is important and you should take care of it as soon as you notice that you have an issue. Maybe you have recently noticed chewed wood, paper or small signs of unwanted pests around your home or business. Pests can bring disease and air borne illnesses to you and your family, especially with the trace evidence that they leave behind for you to discover.

Whether you are dealing with rats, mice, snakes, possums, fleas, or any other invading creature, most of the time these are unwanted and as a home owner you simply want to get rid of them.

Pest control companies can come to your home and  deal with these types of problems, but this can become expensive.

There are a number of methods for pest control that are affordable that you can do yourself at home.

What are the Pest Control Methods?

Traps. These devices are generally used to trap small rodents and are set out with bait and work to capture these pests. Mouse traps are smaller while rat traps are larger and stronger in order to accommodate the larger bodies of rats.

The spring action of a trap can snap the head or neck of the rodent, killing it instantly. These types of traps can be effective at first if an infestation is quite large, but after a while rodents can become wise to the traps and begin to avoid them.

The first sign that rodents are avoiding the traps is when the bait is gone and the trap remains set. This means that you will need to find alternate methods to capture those pesky rodents.

Most people do not like to clean out rat and mouse traps because they find it disgusting and unsanitary. Sometimes the traps do not kill the rodent and this means that you will have to finish the job which can be horrifying for the average person.

Sticky Paper Traps. These traps are extremely sticky and are set on the floor in areas where rats and mice are known to reside. As the rodents run across the sticky trap they become stuck and cannot move from the spot.

The rodents are glued to the spot they land on until they die and then the entire sheet of sticky paper needs to be thrown away. It is obvious why this is not a popular choice for rodent eradication.

Poisons. Tasty irresistible baits are laid out around the area and attract rats and mice or other unwanted creatures. Once the bait is eaten, the animal will die soon afterwards, but may suffer for a long time before they pass away.

While this can be an effective way to eradicate pests, many of these animals crawl into hiding places in the interior of a building to die where they die and slowly decompose, creating an unbearable and powerful stench.

The methods above have drawbacks and kill the pests.  More humane methods for rodents include live traps and electronic pest repellers.

Live traps Rodents are attracted to these traps with bait and once they are captured inside of the trap and the trap is full they must be released.

It is best to take the entire trap several miles away from your location and release the rodents into the wild where they can establish a new territory. This is a humane way to get rid of unwanted pests, and Pestrol offers a range of options:

Why Electronic Pest Control Devices are a Great Choice for Pest Control?

If you don’t want to have to set traps, purchase poison or do any other kind of maintenance, then electronic pest control devices are a good choice.

Set up for these devices simply requires a few electrical outlets or none at all, depending upon which type of electronic pest control devices you choose.

The device is generally plugged into the wall and emits an extremely annoying noise that cannot be tolerated by pest animals.

Pest animals are driven away from the noise. Pestrol offers several solutions for rodents and pest animals including

Pestrol Solar Animal Away,

Pestrol Possum Away,

Pestrol Rodent Free

and Pestrol Commercial Rodent Repeller.

Pestrol solar animal away  Pestrol Possum Away  Pestrol Rodent Free  Pestrol Commercial Rodent Repeller.

There is no special set up for electronic pest control devices. Some devices need to be plugged in and some are solar powered. Snake spikes are simple installed in the ground and emit a vibration which snakes and toads find distasteful.

These creatures do not like confrontation, so they simply move on and do not even bother to come into your yard.

Pestrol Snake Away and Pestrol Toad away  do not require any wiring or electrical source. Simply place the stakes into the ground and enjoy your lawn, free from snakes and toads. Each stake creates a barrier with a 30 m circumference. If you have a larger area, you will need several stakes to cover the entire area.

Pestrol solar snake repellant

Electronic bird repellers can prevent birds from landing on your roof or power lines.

You no longer have to worry about birds nesting in your roof or making a mess of your driveway, your vehicles or any other item that is unfortunate enough to be located underneath perched birds when they unload.

Pestrol offers several solutions for birds including the Pestrol Solar Bird Away, the Pestrol Bird Chaser and Pestrol Bird Away which all work well to discourage birds from making a home in your yard or in your roof.

With electronic pest control devices, there are no dead bodies, no mess, no traps to set and no poison to put out for bait.

The devices just need to be set up and switched on, after which time they are extremely effective and keep all unwanted pest animals away from your home so that you will not have to deal with them.

These devices are an evergreen solution, especially when it comes to the solar selections.

Pestrol Bird Chaser: Pestrol Bird Away: Pestrol Solar Bird Away:
Pestrol Bird Chaser Pestrol Solar Bird Away

You will not have to feel bad about killing animals while at the same time you will not have to deal with these common pest animals. росденьги займзайм онлайн без картымини займ на карту

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Electronic Pest Control Devices

  1. I am trying to get rid of some mice which I suspect are inside my roof space, which ultrasonic device/s would you recommend, how many will I need, do they come in USB rechargeable version? and how much do they cost?

    1. Amelia says:

      Hi Berdg, If you are hearing noise inside your roof cavity you can try Pestrol Rodent Free (, electromagnetic Technology travels through the wires in your wall cavities and into the roof. This will repel Rodents. Otherwise, you can place an a portable unit into the roof cavity, such as this one But, please be aware, that the second unit has limitations, it needs to be in the open space, as Ultrasonic Sound does not travel through any foreign objects. Hope this helps:)

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