What Types of Pest Control Methods are Available to the Average Home Owner?

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Are you interested in Safe and non-toxic pest control methods?
What kinds of pest control methods does Pestrol offer?

You may think that if you have some type of pest problem that your only solution for pest control is to contact a pest company that will take care of the problem for you. While this is a good choice, you will find that it can be an expensive one because these companies charge you for their time, travel costs and all products that are used on the job.

You will not have much of a choice when it comes to the pest control methods that are used by a professional company, because they will have a preferred method and product that they use for each type of pest. If you are concerned about toxic chemicals, hiring a company may not leave you much of a choice because the company will use an effective method that may be dangerous and toxic. You don’t have any control over this because you are not supervising the work.

Are you interested in Safe and non-toxic pest control methods?

Many people want to use pest control methods that are safe for their family, pets and the environment. Seriously toxic pest control products of the past have now been banned in many countries, but some pest control companies still use certain products that many people would consider unsafe.

If you want to eliminate doubt, the best course of action is to take on the task of dealing with pests in your home and on your property with products that you purchase from a company that sells safe and non-toxic pest control products.

Pestrol sells safe products for pest control

When it comes to the safest pest control methods available on the Australian market, Pestrol has a wide selection of products that are designed to deal with every pest problem you might have. Don’t think that you can’t take care of a pest problem yourself because when you purchase effective Pestrol products, you will find that these pest control methods work well for any pest problem that you encounter.

What kinds of pest control methods does Pestrol offer?

  •  Humane mammal traps. If you have mice, rats, possums or any other type of small mammal, you can use these traps to collect the animals. They will not be killed or harmed, but simply captured so that you can release them in a location away from your property.
Possum trap
  •  Effective Fruit Fly traps. Everyone has experienced the annual seasonal problem of fruit flies that seem to come out of nowhere. One day you don’t have any and the next day you are infested! Pestrol has an effective fruit fly trap and another device called a Trapple. Each of these is very effective and safe and most importantly will remove fruit flies from your home.
  • Snake and Frog Repellers. These devices are simple and run on solar energy. They simply go into the ground and send out vibrations which are a danger signal to snakes and to frogs. The sun charges the unit up so that it works constantly, so these devices should be place in areas where they will receive full sun.
  • Pestrol Rodent Control – a small ultrasonic device that plugs into your wall and repels rodents with high frequency sound. Mice and rats will leave the area quickly because they do not like the noise, leaving you to enjoy your rodent free home.
electronic rodent repeller
  • Bird Spikes. Many different types of birds roost on the tops of buildings and make a nasty mess down below. This can be controlled by installing bird spikes which deter birds from landing on the roof of a building.
  • Mosquito traps. Mosquitoes are not only annoying but also carry dangerous diseases that can be deadly. Malaria, Ross River virus disease, Australian encephalitis, Dengue fever and Forerst virus disease are all very nasty diseases that are spread through the bite of a mosquito. Protect yourself from these diseases by purchasing some of Pestrol’s very effective mosquito traps. These traps give off CO2 (what we breathe out) which is what attracts mosquitoes to us in the first place.
  • Pestrol Ultra – this 100% natural pest control product is a safe way to get rid of a variety of insects including silverfish, cockroaches, fleas and other pesky insects. The product contains natural pyrethrins which effectively break down the waxy coating of insect bodies and suffocate them. The product will not harm pets or children and can even be used in food service areas.
  • Pestrol Solar Animal Away – this device is designed to fend off unwanted animals from your yard, including dogs, cats and possums. How many times have you chased off the neighbour’s dog because it keeps pooping in your yard? This device will make sure that the dog never comes back in your yard. Once you switch this device on it gives off an ultrasonic sound that deters mammals from your yard like magic.

Pestrol has worked hard over the years to develop a variety of effective pest control methods that are exclusively designed for the Australian market. We know what kinds of pests exist here and what kinds of products are the most effective for eradicating those pests. Now the average home owner can access our powerful products for a reasonable cost and rest with the knowledge that these products will be completely effective in eliminating their pest problem.

There is no need to call a costly pest control company, simply take a close look at Pestrol’s product line and find the product that is best suited to your pest control needs. Relax, knowing that these products are safe for use around your home and won’t put your family or your health at risk. We know how important it is to offer safe products that will effectively deal with your pest problem and we are proud to offer a full line of these types of products at affordable prices. We know that you want to deal with your pest problem but you do not want to spend a truck load of money trying to deal with pests. Pestrol has a wide range of affordable and effective products, and we are proud to offer them to our Australian customers.

What types of pest control methods are available to the average home owner? частный займ волгоградзайм на карту без проверок и звонковзайм под маткапитал

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