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Pest Control: Why I can do it myself!

Are all Pest Control Products Toxic?
Where can I find affordable pest control and non-toxic pest control products?
What are the effective Pest Control products Pestrol offers?

Pest control is an important part of home maintenance. Every home owner should take the time to regularly inspect the exterior of their home, checking for pests that may be starting to establish themselves in different areas of your home. For example, flying insects can build nests in your roof line while ants and small rodents can take root under your home, burrowing and building intricate networks of tunnels.

It is important to regularly inspect areas that might be prone to infestation to ensure that the areas are clear or that any pests that have previously been eradicated are gone for good. Many home owners think that they need to contact pest control companies to take care of these types of problems, but the truth is that you can take care of pest control on your own by purchasing the right products for the right type of pest.

Are all Pest Control Products Toxic?

Many people are concerned that the pest control products that are used by pest control companies are toxic and dangerous. The truth is that when you hire a company to take care of your pest issues, you really do not have much control over what types of products that they are using on your home and your property. Many companies may tell you that their products are safe, but you really have no guarantee unless you inspect the products that will be used around your home by the company yourself.

Where can I find affordable pest control and non-toxic pest control products?

An environmentally friendly company like Pestrol Pest Control is well aware of how people want to use products that are safe. That is why they are proud to offer a wide variety of pest control products that won’t harm the environment or the occupants of the home. They carry and import many safe products that are effective and can be used to deal with a variety of pest problems.

What are the effective Pest Control products Pestrol offers?

We offer products that eliminate pests safely, without toxic chemicals that can poison environments and water. These products include:

Orange Guard Natural Crawling Insecticide 

    • Pestrol Orange GuardThis is an effective product that eliminates crawling insects including ants, cockroaches and silverfish.
    • This product is unique to the Australian market and can be used indoors and outdoors. This product works by breaking down the waxing coating of insects which suffocates them.
    • It is safe around children and pets and can be used in areas where food is prepared or sensitive care facilities and hospitals. The product can be sprayed on pet bedding too.
    • This product is biodegradable and is manufactured from an edible plant extract and water. When the product is used there is no need to have the building vacated, and no need to wear gloves. The product even has a pleasant citrus odor and comes in a package that can be recycled.

Pestrol Snake and Toad Away 

    • This is a natural solar powered product that effectively repels snakes and toads from your home by sending out electrical and ultrasonic vibrations through the ground. Snakes are sensitive to vibrations through receptors that are contained in their skin. They will see these vibrations as danger and stay away from the area of the device. One device will cover a 35 square meter area in every direction and should be placed in an area where it will get the most exposure to sunlight so that it will be recharged each day.

 Pestrol Bird Spikes 

    • These spikes are precision engineered to provide humane control of bird issues effectively. These spikes create a barrier to birds without harming them. The spikes are generally placed on buildings to prevent the birds from perching on the roof. These spikes are less visible than their plastic counterparts and do not reflect sunlight causing flashes of blinding light. The spikes attract minimal dirt and are generally not visible from the ground.

    Outdoor mosquito trap

    Mosquito Traps 

      • These traps attract mosquitos, keeping them away from you. The trap features LED light and titanium dioxide which simulates the temperature of the human body and generates CO2, luring mosquitos to the holding container. There is no need for harmful sprays, propane gas or chemical because this trap works very well to attract and trap mosquitos, keeping them from reaching you.

    No Fly Cone 

      • This small fly trap catches insects that are coming to lay their eggs on feces. Simply cover the feces for a short time with this fly trap and discard it once it is full. The trap is non-toxic, has no smell and is waterproof. The trap is easy to assemble and can be cleaned up by folding and discarding it. You can enjoy a fly free yard with this handy little non-toxic trap.

    Humane animal trapsHumane possum trap and rodent traps

      • These small traps attract and capture small animals including rats, mice, possums and feral cats which can all be released at another location, away from your home.

    Pestrol automatic insect control dispensers

      • are affordable and can be installed around your home. They dispense natural pyrethrins which are effective and non-toxic. A small can is installed into the dispenser and once it is empty it can simply be replaced.Pestrol Rodent Free

    Electronic repellers

      • These devices can simply be plugged in to repel mice and rats with a supersonic high pitched noise that drives these pests away.

    Pestrol Animal away 

      • Repels unwanted animals from your yard by scaring them off. This includes dogs, possums, birds, rodents and cats.

    Trapple – a safe and highly effective fruit fly trap

    It is simple to take care of your own pest control needs when you have access to a variety of effective products such as the ones listed here.

    Pestrol Pest Control offers these exclusive products that are environmentally safe while effectively dealing with a range of pest problems. Pestrol Pest Control offers the largest DIY alternative pest control selection in Australia and always has a product available that will deal with your pest issues. Before you pick up the phone and contact expensive pest control companies, consider how much money you can save by dealing with pest control yourself using the effective pest control products from Pestrol Pest Control.

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