Automatic Insect Control Products


What are automatic pest control dispensers?
How does it work?

Typically you get an automatic timed dispenser head (battery operated). This attaches itself to a refill can. The refill can contains varying formulation of pest repellent ingredients. The most popular refills are the ones that contain natural pyrethrins. Natural pyrethrums come from a daisy that is grown in specific places around the world. In Australia pyrethrums are harvested in Tasmania.

Automatic pest control dispensers that contain natural pyrethrins are:

  • Safe around your family and your pets.
  • Will break down in sunlight, therefore not leaving any residue.
  • One of the biggest selling pest control devices on the market in Australia.
  • Bio-degradable.

How does it work?

Most people place the item in the kitchen or living areas. Set the dispenser to 5 or 10 minute interval, some units have night or day functions. Usually within 24 hours insects would have detected the pyrethrins and have left or will die. Most refill cans will last approximately 4-5 weeks. Being portable you can move the dispenser around the home to trouble areas.

Popular Brands:
  • Robocan: The orginal pest control dispenser that was sold in Australia. Pestrol now supplies dispenser heads and refills for customers that require Robocan supplies.
  • Pestrol: Has the largest range of Automatic Pest Control dispensers and refills in Australia.
  • Raid and Naturegard: Large Multinational companes have entered the market in the last 3 years trying to compete with cheaper alternatives.
  • Ecomist: Commercial and domestic automatic dispensers.

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