Thermacell Lantern – Scout Lantern


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Thermacell Lantern – Scout Lantern

The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Scout Camp Lantern effectively repels mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects by creating a 21m² zone of protection for bug-free comfort.

Operates up to 48 hours

Thermacell Lantern – Scout Mosquito Repelling Lantern

Thermacell Lantern will brighten up your campsite and repel mozzies and other biting insects in one handy package, with the Scout Lantern. The Scout Lantern creates a 21m² zone of bug protection around you making it ideal when you want to sit out in your backyard, or at the campsite without being bothered by biting insects such as mosquitoes and black flies. This unit uses a mat that’s coated in repellant, which is then heated up and dispersed by the butane cartridge.

Constructed from durable ABS and rubber, this water-resistant lantern also provides you with 220 lumens of brightness and will run for 10 hours on high, and 40 hours on low. You can also use it just like a lantern, as it has a removable base with a hanging hook.

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Just power up the Scout Lantern by Thermacell with separately available AA batteries and you’ll be all set to keep bugs at bay and illuminate your site.

  • Repels mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects
  • Creates a 21m² zone of bug protection for bug-free comfort
  • Butane cartridge lasts for up to 12 hours of continuous use
  • Repellant mats last for 3 to 4 hours of continuous use
  • 220 lumens – runs for10 hours on high, and 40 hours on low
  • Durable rubber and ABS construction
  • Water resistant design
  • Removable base with hanging hook
  • Lantern requires separately available AA batteries


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