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Solar Mosquito Zapper

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Summer is a favourite time of year for most Australian’s, unfortunately it is the favourite time of year for mosquitoes as well.

This Summer don’t leave yourself and your family to get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

The Solar Mosquito Zapper is an economical and highly effective mosquito trap that will be a welcome addition to your household. Use it on it’s own or in addition to our premium Dominator, Exterminator and Terminator models to ensure full protection from mosquitoes.

Utilise its solar power or connect the AC adaptor. Have the unit outside or inside, you choose! Keep it in the backyard or take it camping! This unit is highly effective and will help save your family from mosquitoes not only this Summer but all year round.

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The Solar Mosquito Zapper is an economical and highly effective mosquito trap that will be a welcome addition to your household. Use it on it’s own or in addition to our premium Dominator and Exterminator models to ensure full protection from mosquitoes.



Our new Solar Mosquito Zapper is not only perfect for an outdoor or travel settings but it is the perfect addition to your current mosquito control!

The Solar Mosquito Zapper does not require power from an electrical source only a few hours of sun! Once the unit fully charged the light will last for 30 hours and the zapper will last for 15 hours! So even if you have a bit of cloud cover the unit will still continue to run for you. The unit will control mosquitoes for you by not only getting rid of the surrounding mosquitoes but also by breaking the population’s breeding cycle over time as well.

The Solar Mosquito Zapper works by luring mosquitoes from the surrounding area (up to a quarter of an acre) with it’s ‘High White’ LED globe. Once the mosquitoes are drawn in by the light the zapper kills the mosquito and drops it into the catcher underneath. The catcher underneath just needs to be emptied when full. You will notice to begin with the catcher will fill up quickly, over time the frequency will lessen as the breeding cycle of the mosquito population is broken.

The Solar Mosquito Zapper can be placed anywhere, it just requires a little bit of sun to charge. The unit also comes with an AC adaptor so that if you wish to connect it to power or you would like to place it inside your home it gives you the ability to do so. The unit is equipped with a carry handle that can be used to hang the unit in a court yard or wherever you require. It also comes with a stake that can be fitted to it for ease of use outdoors, that so you can just stake it into the ground where ever you require it.

The Solar Mosquito Zapper does not require power which makes it the perfect addition to Dominator and Exterminator owners. If you have a large yard or area that you are covering with your Pestrol Dominator or Exterminator unit however there is a small section of your yard not covered but you can’t reach it by power? Use the Solar Mosquito Zapper to ensure that your entire backyard and home are free from mosquitoes.

This unit is covered with Pestrol’s 30 day money back guarantee and limited one year warranty.



1. Insect killer: UV LED lamp attract and entrap insects effectively, 800V.

2. Illuminating lamp: 8PCS high light white LED

3. Emergency light: Use outdoor or camping as emergency light

4. High-performance solar panel: 6V 170Ma polycrystalline silicon

5. Rechargeable battery: 3.6V DC 1800mAh Lithium Battery

6. Power supply: Solar energy or AC adaptor (included)

7. Usage environment: hang on the balcony, stand on table and stick into garden

8. Working time: Insect killer 15hours, Illumination 30hours

9. The unit is 32 x 20 x 20cm and weighs 618g





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