anti-bird spikes for solar panels
solar panel bird spikes
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Solar Panel Bird Spikes


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Solar Panel Bird Spikes

Solar Panel Bird Spikes is a recommended addition to prevent your solar panels from getting damaged or losing effectiveness through birds or small animals nesting around or on your solar panels. Furthermore, our solar bird spikes through its unique design can also be effective in eliminating rodents or possums from running across your fences. Made from # 304-grade stainless steel your solar panel bird spikes will last well over 15 years. Very easy to install and coming it 1-metre strips, makes this a very cost-effective solution to protect your solar panel investment. Research shows that keeping birds and animals away from nesting under you solar panel bird spikes are essential to provide long term effectiveness of your solar panels and great efficiency by allowing air circulation.

Our solar panel bird spikes have blunted spikes to ensure birds are not hurt, but uncomfortable enough to ensure birds stay away. If solar panel bird spikes are not necessary but rather you need to create an impenetrable barrier around the

At Pestrol our bird spikes are back with a 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month replacement warranty.


Base: #304 stainless steel
Spike: #304 stainless steel
Length: 1000mm
Height: 140mm
Width: 112mm
Pitch: 25mm

anti-bird spikes for solar panels

1 review for Solar Panel Bird Spikes

  1. Bruce Munday

    The product appears to be well made and robust, but only time will tell. This profile is very suitable for running along the upper edge of solar panels that are tilted to the sun. We glued them on with Sika Flex, the adhesive squeezing through the screw holes to act like rivets.

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