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Spider Catchers: What Are They And How Do They Work?

How do spider catchers work?

For many people a spider is a horrifying insect that makes their flesh crawl. The thought of picking up a spider, touching it or otherwise having to deal with it makes them nauseous. What is worse is having to crush a spider under foot or with a shoe or to chase it with a rolled up newspaper. Sometimes the spider gets away and you have no idea where it has disappeared to, which is often even more horrifying than having to deal with the spider in the first place.

The spider catcherThe spider catcher is a fantastic invention that facilitates the capture and disposal of spiders that seem to invade your home from every corner. This device is a long pole so that you do not need to actually come into contact with the spider. The length of the pole ensures that you never come anywhere near the spider because it ensures that you are a safe distance away.

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How do spider catchers work?

On the end of the spider catcher is a small brush like bristle pack. When you see a spider, you simple press the handle and the bristles will open up. You quickly place the spider catcher over the spider and release the handle which then captures the spider easily and quickly within its brush pack. A spider’s first reaction is to curl up into a ball, so it is hopelessly captured inside of the brush pack until you are ready to release it.

No one loves to kill things, and even if you are a total spider hater, it just seems wrong to kill them with a shoe or a newspaper. When you use the spider catcher you do not have to kill the spider, you simply capture the spider on the run and then release it safely outside of your home. In the process of using the spider catcher device you did not have to touch the spider, come into contact with it or any part of its body or areas that it has contaminated.

What you do is capture the spider and dispose of it without having to harm the spider, injure it or put yourself at risk. Many people find that they need to climb up on furniture and put themselves into precarious positions where they might fall down and harm themselves. With the spider catcher you automatically have an extended reach that can grab a spider from its hidey hole and allow you to put it outside far away from your home where it can get on with its life. You can rest with the knowledge

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that your home is now spider free and you do not have to deal with that nasty hairy spider or any of its relatives because you successfully evicted it using your spider catcher.

Once you start using a spider catcher you will find that it is also extremely useful for a variety of other insects including cockroaches and moths. This device is extremely affordable and makes a great gift.

After all, why would you want your friends and family to suffer with spiders when they can easily get rid of them using this handy and convenient little device?

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