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Spiders As Pests: Signs, Symptoms, Prevention and Control

The life cycle of the spider

How do you control spiders?

Spiders can be a real bother when they enter your home. Although most of the house invading spiders don’t bite, they can cause quite a mess when they spin their webs all over your house. Spiders usually settle in small spaces that are dark and warm such as cracks, eaves and wall corners.

With over 43,000 documented species, spiders are popular pests across the globe. And although they exist in a variety of colours and sizes, all spiders share their trademark eight legs.

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The life cycle of the spider

Spiders reproduce sexually and the male spider has to perform elaborate courtship rituals to ensure it’s not eaten by the much larger female spider before fertilisation. Rituals include strumming music (vibration patterns) on the female’s web in some species, patterned touches on the female’s body in others, while others dance and make gestures.

After mating, the female lays its eggs in one or more silk sacks. This eggs could be as many as 3000. The silk sacks help maintain a constant level of humidity that is optimum for the eggs. Females of some species die after laying their eggs while others live on and protect their sacs.

Spiders pass all their larval stages while still inside the egg and hatch as spiderlings; sexually immature miniature spiders. Like other arthropods, spiders will moult several times during their lifetime. Most of them live for about 2 years.


How do you control spiders?

There are two options for controlling spiders in your home. You could either trap them or kill them. Both have their advantages with the choice depending on the user’s preference. The advantages of trapping spiders instead of killing them:

1.    It’s environmentally friendly. Traps are mechanical devices that do not use chemicals to control pests and are thus safe for the environment.

2.    Traps are safe for both you and your pet and will not harm untargeted animals.

3.    They are reusable. You’ll only need to buy a trap once.

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