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Looking for a non-harmful way to keep stray or unwelcome dogs away? Intruding dogs damage garden plants, dig up your lawn and could cause your pet to behave strangely when they “mark” their territory on your property. There’s also the danger of being bitten by stray dogs.

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Dog Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Dog poop and or dug up ground
  • Damaged plants
  • Paw prints
  • Dogs use pee to mark their territory
  • Feral dogs could have rabies
  • Stray dogs could leave fleas and ticks on your property

Pestrol’s Dog Control Products and Dog Care Products

  • Flea traps
  • Pest protection accessories for dogs
  • Ultrasonic dog repellers
  • Pet flea spray
  • Pet ear wax remover
  • Water jet repellers