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How Do I Get Rid of Rats

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Rats can quickly infest your home and burrow underneath of it creating extensive tunnel networks that can compromise your home’s structure. Rats are very smart and may resist traps and regular methods that people would use to eliminate them. You can identify if you have a rat problem by finding holes in your yard which lead to tunnels below your foundation. Rats can also chew wiring and cause expensive damage.


How Can I Prevent Rats In My Home?


  • Rats are attracted to food sources so it is important to keep garbage sealed up in a tight container.
  • If you feed your pets outside, take the bowls with any leftover food in it inside when your pet is done eating.
  • Seal up any holes or cracks in your foundation or house to keep the rats out.
  • If you keep any grass seed or bird seed keep it in a sealed container or it will attract rats.
  • Rats are opportunists and they will be attracted if you have a compost pile outside (unsealed) or if you keep chickens and feed them, many rats will be attracted to their feed.


What Are Some Home Remedies For Rat Problems?

Clean up all rat droppings and dead bodies because the smell of feces and urine can attract more rats.


How Can I Get Rid Of Rats With Pestrol?

Get rid of Rats with Pestrol. Rats are quite difficult to eradicate. Pestrol has many effective ways to deal with rats that are effective and will eliminate your issues.

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